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A- Adventure


Adventure, we all love it. But we keep lurking it. Adventure is something that is on our mind since the time we are growing and we all make a promise that somewhere in life sometimes we will surely plan for an adventure. Perhaps the time never comes and we get busy in the hustle-bustle life.

I see a lot of post’s these days on social sites that many youngsters are leaving their 9 to 5 jobs, leaving the jobs that provide them juicy cheques and are on a trip with friends or family and are fulfilling their dream of having an adventure in life. I feel amazed by their decision and guts and feel happy. In fact, I am too just like you. Dreaming of having a life adventure just packing my bags one day, picking up my stuff’s, taking a map, closing my eyes and then put my finger to a place not knowing where and then opening my eyes to see where have I pointed and the just taking a deep breath and moving towards the strange place and having an adventure alone. I just love this dream and so wish it to come true as soon as possible.

Life itself is an adventure. But we tend to make it boring by just filling up with priorities, responsibilities and doing what’s right in the eyes of people and society and pushing away our dreams away. We ourselves tend to make our life so complicated and then think on an armchair in our 80’s what life would have been back then if I would have taken the guts to just follow my dreams.

I feel people who move from place to place, travel, have adventure learn more than what a degree holder and a perfect job holding person learns in his/her life. I am very much sure, the people who chose to travel and explore places and make money while traveling to cover the further expenses actually will know what struggle is will have more memories and their life would be so exciting. I sitting here in my bedroom in front of my laptop feels so good by just imagining to travel, make money while traveling somehow, learn new languages, learn about people from a different place and their culture altogether would make me and my soul so much at ease and peace. It would give me so much to write and so much happiness.


(Me in the pink helmet)

When 2016 started the first day of the New Year that is 1st of January 2016 I had been to; 2 days Vacation with my family and cousins. It was fun. We had been to Kolad a place in Maharashtra. It was a water sport’s kind of vacation and I had so much fun while doing Rafting. I also had a fall while a wave hit us and I lost my balance. ( Thankfully I wasn’t hurt). It was amazing. I love such kind of vacation where it’s short, fun and sweet. That time I got a thought, everyone must start their new year in a different way like this. So that the whole year goes with positivity and everyone would feel mystical throughout the year. What do you think?

And this  A to Z challenge is also an adventure for me. I just hope I make it through the end of this adventure and I find my peace. 🙂


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