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It’s the perfect day to talk about books. why? Because I received both the novels that I had ordered last week. And to be honest, the arrival of books just makes me so happy, just like when a child gets on receiving a new toy. Books just bring the feeling of zeal inside me and make me go crazy. Even the thought of books just makes me happy.


(The books I received today)

If someone takes me to a book shop or a library it’s so hard for me to come outside soon and so difficult for me to choose which books to buy. Only I know the pain; I go through while buying books online. I have a HUGE list of books still to read which are lying on my desk and a HUGE list of books to buy. I just can’t control myself by keep ordering books online as soon as I see someone having that book while surfing on social sites.


Books give immense peace and pleasure. I find books more comfortable than having a gossip session with friends (I don’t even have many friends). I love books. I have a dream to have a huge library in my house. It should have a good comfortable huge sofa, with many cushions around and a table and chair where I can sit to write my stories and books( if I ever write any) a window which has a beautiful view, it should have a gallery where I can decorate it with plants, a coffee maker at one side near my desk, an Apple Laptop or a Mac-Book, and many many books around to read.


Books have been my best friends when I feel lonely or lost. Many times it just happens that the line or the paragraph that I read just relate to the situation I happen to be in. So many of them have made me laugh and some have made me cry. Books are the loveliest thing. The feeling of the avid book covers and the smell of the books gives me immense happiness and peace. I also love to take photographs of my books (as you can see the pics)


I can write a lot about books but seems I am running out of time and my laptop is acting gay today (I had to write half the post through my phone) sorry for being late today, it’s 12.

Hope you are enjoying my post. I know hardly anyone reading out there and none bothers if I am regular or not. But if anyone reading, do share how you feeling up till now reading my post. Am I that bad? :-/

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