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C- Cecelia Ahern

So my laptop is still not working and I have to write this post through my phone which is a little uncomfortable. Ramadan have started, it was first day of Roza and its the first time that during Ramadan I am at home without any work to do. Otherwise I used to be always busy with school and college.

Anyway, lets get to our topic now. For some reason I tried searching for some other topic to write on; as recently itself I had written on Cecelia’s book that I completed reading some days back. But as i could not find any other topic I had to write on her.

Cecelia Ahern is an Irish writer. Her debut Novel ‘P.S. I Love You’ is the most romantic, heart touching and amazing book I and many must have come across. Since then I am a huge fan of her.

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I have read only 4 books by her uptill now i.e, ‘P.S. I Love You’, ‘One Hundred Names’, ‘ How to Fall In Love’, and ‘The Year I Met You’. 

imagesI have a wish list to have a whole set of her books with me forever and read them as soon as possible as I can.

images (4)Cecelia has a very different writing style and her stories are just marvelous. I just envy her when it comes to her writing and her stories (why can’t I get such ideas? :-/)

She is one of my inspiration and one of my favourite writes. I guess she is the top 2nd best writer in my list, as the first is J.k Rowling.

I also have a dream to meet them both once in my life. Well, I know you sort of must have got bored with my wish list and dream list.

So today’s post will be short and sweet as I still don’t know if anyone there is reading my blog? Do you like to read it?

But as I had said it does not matter if anyone reads it or not atleast I am getting back to writing and trying to improve myself.

See you tomorrow with a new topic that starts from letter ‘D’ . Any suggestions? :-p

P.S. I love writing. 🙂






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