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D- Dear Diary

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Do you love diaries? I used to write some stupid writeups in my diary during my childhood and then I found out that my elder brother read my stuffs and then I found it futile to write anything as a private diary stuff. But it was amazing to have a diary where I would start “Dear Diary”  like talking to a friend and sharing about what happend through out the day.

Though I never used to write anything private even then. But I lost the zeal to write. I guess that was a sign to convey me that I am supposed to be a writer. I still have a diary where during my college days I used to note about my subjects and make my time table to study which I never seriously followed. I have a junk journal made by myself to write which is almost empty, I also have almost 3 separate note books to write my story plots or story chapters or poems or anything random that I feel to write.

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Till date I must have collected many diaries and all of them are half empty. But I have this uncanny kind of thing that whenever I come across some diaries or notebooks with beautiful, vivid and eye-catching covers I just feel to buy them and I make it a point to buy them immediately 😀

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When it comes to Novels and Diaries or Notebooks with lovely covers I just cant stop myself. I just want to buy and have a collection of different types of diaries and notebooks. Writing in it or not is the latter part because I feel guilty to spoil the pages inside the diaries. 

Anyway, this was today’s topic. Hope the one reading out there likes it. 🙂 Is someone really reading there???


  • Miranda of Violet's Veg*n e-Comics

    This is a really interesting post 🙂 I like to write a lot in my diary, and I have made myself a junk journal too! I know what you mean completely about beautiful diaries, I like making junk journals so that I don’t have to worry 🙂 I am so sorry your brother read your diary! That is terrible!

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