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E- Escape.

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There comes a time in life where we feel malaise in life. All the energy inside us is getting drained out and a pensive air of melancholy is around us.

We feel that whatever we are currently doing in life is futile and nothing makes us feel wondrous or brings the zeal inside us to live life. We just feel to run away somewhere where we could find peace. We just want to escape.

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We start to feel low. Sometimes the constant effort to make everyone happy around and to stand up to everyone’s expectations makes us feel irritated with life and we tend to get cranky and angry and sad with things around us and start questioning our existence in life. That’s when we try to find our escape from the mess around we currently be in.

Escape from the stress and things that are not satisfying our heart and soul and we try to find something to make us feel better. Escape like listening to music or better playing music such as learning guitar or violin or piano that we always wanted to learn since our college days but never had the time and money to spend on the instrument and the classes expenditure.

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Some people like me have their escape like reading books and writing books as well. Some just love to go for a walk and some also find cooking stress buster (I personally don’t like cooking :-P)

Some love to just admire things and people around and so they just walk out of their house and go to a garden or cafe and sit and admire people and things around. Some have escaped by meeting their old childhood/school/college friends.

There is much temporary escape we tend to make in our stressful life to make our mind re-fresh so that we can re-start it with a new zeal around us.

For me a much better escape is, traveling to a random place alone, learning and admiring places, people around and having the best time of life. Traveling to new places not only gives our mind a mystical feeling but also help us get experience and learn something new in life.

So, if anyone mistakenly reading this post out there… What is your escape?

(Bdw; all the pictures that I personally don’t photograph are sourced from google.)

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