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F- Fast and Furious


“How can we not talk about family when family is what we got” 

I have always been late when it comes to movies. I have been too late to watch Harry Potter series and Narnia series and Fast and Furious is no different. I saw the movies I guess by January or February 2016. I don’t remember exactly how I  was awaken from my deep sleep but I guess I heared  the song “See you again” while randomly surfing songs on an app. That’s when I got curious about the fnf movies and decided to watch and was a bit late to mourn on Paul’s tragic death.

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The moment I started watching FnF movies in one go one after the other, I was falling madly in Love with it. Why? Should that be answered?

What I love most about FnF series is, of’ course Paul, Vin and the way the actors be with each other like a true family bond. I just love the way they have their backs for each other.

When Paul died, how the complete team, and majorly Tyrese Gibson and Vin Diesel were affected. I follow Tyrese Gibson on Instagram and the love he has for his daughter is inexplicable. The way he write post on Instagram to motivate others and the love he had for FnF team, its all shown by him.

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I know I am a bit too late to talk on FnF stuffs and yes, after watching FnF I am also fan of Sport Cars now ( though I still don’t have utter knowledge about any) but I love them.

I am waiting for the last 3 FnF movies though I know it will be not the same without Paul. But let’s keep up the spirit and give the team a chance to stand out.

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