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G- Goals.


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I am currently reading ” The God of Small things” by Arundhati Roy, and till now its going great. Every page I turn it makes me more inquisitive and I keep on reading it. 

So today’s  topic is Goals and its going to be a short post mostly for 2 reasons. One, I wana get back to reading and 2 I know it is a bit boring topic to talk or write on. But I could not think of any more topics.

So Goals, we a make goals in life. But very few actually make it through. The reason is the passion to accomplish the goal. One must always be focused towards its goals. Goals are necessary part of life because without them we feel demotivated to do anything around.

Also just setting goals is not enough. One must start planning and then working according to plan step by step.

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Without goals one is like a machine. Doing what everyone is doing or doing what someone has decided for us to do. Where as goals are the thing that gives us a push towards something which is like a challenge to achieve and when that challenege is completed our heart and soul is at peace and there is the air of triumph around. 

Everyone must have goals in life. It gives a meaning to our life and help us be motivated in life. Also goals must not be too high or too low to accomplish. Goals are fuel to life. Keep it simple. 🙂


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