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H- Hate

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So finally my laptop is working today. It had some virus and now it’s detected and treated I guess.So now I can finally write my post comfortably. Since some days, I have been writing  short post’s which were not making me happy and I had a feeling of guilt inside for being lazy.

Not taking much of the time, I will start with the topic now. Hate, it’s a hostile  feeling an emotion we get towards something or someone we dislike the most. But this one feeling, this one word has taken so much happiness from all of us. On social sites, we can see so much of hatred among people for useless reasons. But don’t you think this emotion is useless, it takes so much of peace and happiness away.

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Each one of us goes through this emotion. I wonder how many people hate me for their misconception about me ( there are many). Maybe I too have some misconception about people around me with whom I mostly keep a distance. People around us may be too good to be with but we might have got the wrong news about them in the gossip session that we might have been into. Hating someone is very easy… In fact even loving someone is easy but continuously loving someone and keeping the relationship/ friendship with that person is a big task.

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I agree sometimes people around us do something that we actually can’t stand them and we start hating them forever. Trusting someone in this world is not easy. But hating is also futile. It actually does not affect anyone, but only us.The best option is to ignore and forgive but don;t forget.


I know its short but its enough for the topic that I have chosen. I know there are some strangers reading my post but no one care’s to leave a comment (busy people). Never mind… at least I am happy my post are been read. Good night. 🙂


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