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I- Independence.


Tada! As soon as I logged into my account, to write today’s post there was a notification waiting for me. It gave me a surprise for the day. Alhumdullilah, my blog is getting noticed. That is, I got a notification from my blog saying my blog is getting more traffic than usual. So before starting writing today’s post I would like to Thank all my special mysterious anonymous readers for reading my writeups and giving your precious time to my blog. I really am greatful to everyone who is reading or have been reading my blog everyday. It really means a lot to me because I know none of my closest of friends are even a regular reader of mine :-/. But I do get compliments from some sweet twitter pals who make an effort to read my blog at times. Thank you once again, hope you really enjoy my blogs and hope I don’t disappoint you in any way.

So let’s get back to Today’s topic.

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Since the time last night I logged off from the blog after completing and publishing my write up I was thinking hard about Today’s topic. But I could not think of any good. So I happen to choose this from the list that I have already made a long back before even starting actually blogging A to Z challenge. Yes, I already have the list of topic but I still try to think of something new that actually make the reader enjoy.

Independence. I am not talking about any country’s independence. But about individual independence. At times in life, there comes a point where we love to make our own decisions but it happens to that we are not allowed to. I specifically used the word allowed as it’s a fact. I live in a society where a young generation is so intelligent that we all love to take our life decisions on our own. But the society around us happens to make us believe that we are still toddlers.

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When  18-year-old youngster can have the right to vote and make a decision for the whole country why can’t it make its own life decisions?When a woman is praised to run the house on by her own why can’t she decide whom she can marry to and whom she cannot? If she can run the house so perfectly why is that when it comes to run an office she is laughed at? When she want’s to decide what she can wear and what she don’t why the rules of the society come’s in between? I know we all have been facing this problem and many think that the problem is getting solved.

But my dear friends there are still people in India who harras a girl for dowry, women are still being raped and then are blamed that it was their clothes that made men do it and in fact even Men are being raped. There are still people who are well educated but their acts are as if they are illiterate.

There are still regions where child marriage is practiced and there are still people who don’t like when a girl is born in their family. I am not criticizing my society but speaking the fact. I am just trying to convey that even though India is Independent it is still not completely independent especially woman.

There are so many youngsters who sacrifice their love of life, their dreams in the name of society so that society don’t talk ill about their family. Youngsters are made to choose to study something which they don’t want to and compromise on their dreams and passion. youngsters who can manage their home by earning money but can’t marry someone whom they want to marry just because “log kya kahenge”(what will people say) comes in between.

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But are we born to make the society happy? or are we born and given this one special life to live to the fullest and make our soul happy rather impressing the world around who will never get satisfied with whatever we try to do.

Live free and Let live others Free. 🙂 life is too short to waste to impress the world… keep your soul happy and eventually people around you will be happy 🙂


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