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J- Jealousy

Hello to all my readers. Sorry a bit late today, was trying to bake a fudge brownie which went half fail as it came out a bit hard but it tasted good though I am still not satisfied. Will try again. Baking is at times stress buster and I would love to bake more often only if given perfect easy recipe 😛

By the way, today I got really good comments from my sweet twitter pals, and I have 3 lovely special Readers from twitter and I am thankful to them that they really pumped me up to keep going with my Writing. 🙂

Let’s get with our topic of the day.


Jealousy! it is a feeling of fear which comes from insecurity. Some people get’s jealous too easily. People have a constant fear of either losing their status they have build and when someone is doing better than them instead of appreciating them for their work they tend to bring such people down by their ugly tactics. Such incidents mostly happen either among children who are in school and have competition among themselves or in the corporate world.

Children also tend to get jealous when they get the news that they are soon going to have a sibling and they don’t want the attention which was only their’s by now to shift to the new member of the family. Also among friends who have always been like two best friends and then there is a third person getting involved and if any one of them get’s closer to the third one then the other start having the feeling of jealousy and also then the feeling of discomfort loneliness and hatred follows. This creates fights and also bring many misunderstandings and breaks some good relationship/friendships.

But don’t at times in life when we look back we do feel that the word and feeling jealousy have taken the part or person from our life away which would have or was really special to us. This one word or feeling really break many good relationships or friendships which really would have gone far long way.


I feel one must always talk to the other rather than keeping the insecurity feeling inside. Sometimes people are too close to something or someone that they don’t like to share that thing or that someone with someone else. Some people just love to have that special bonding or that special thing just for themselves and they feel it’s not right to share it. At time’s a little jealousy is okay, as it actually shows that you do care.

Also,if we just sometimes ignore some things and just learn to love ourselves and accept everything and everyone around us without judging or expecting too much from life and people around; I feel there would be nothing to be jealous about and only be grateful about life.

So just be grateful, love yourself and keep smiling. 🙂


Happy Reading. I would like to have some comments now on my blog if you reading and liking my post please comment in the comment section and also share your views. Would love to know the lovely readers who read my blog and make the stats of my blog go high day by day. Thankyou 🙂


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