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L-Let It GO.

Hello to all my beautiful/handsome readers. I hope you all had a great day. So did anyone read my last post? The story I tried? Did you like it? Well, I am back to my chattering zone where I am talking…oops! typing to a blank screen which won’t answer me back not even in the form of comments. Let’s get to today’s topic now…


In life we see a lot of up’s and down’s, we get too attached to someone so easily and quickly that when they don’t stand to our expectations and we feel malaise. We feel rejected and disregard, and then that feeling grows inside us, irrespective that we move on from such people but there the scars behind… And then the memories keep haunting us all the time. But do you think is it worth it? All our life we try to find peace and to find that thing that keeps us happy the most, that brings the exuberant feeling so that we can live happily ever after.

Is ever after really possible? I feel it is… But I also feel it’s not that easy to achieve. When in life people or some situation hurts us, break us and leave behind the forever feeling of melancholy taking away our peace the only thing we can try to do it Let It Go….


Yes, I know giving advice is too easy but to actually do it is difficult. That’s what I said in the paragraph above…. The happily ever after is difficult to have because to have it we must let the memories/people that hurt us, makes us feel malaise should be ignored and let it go…

They say when time come’s to forgive the people who have hurt you and given you the scars that are unforgettable, just forgive them not for them but for your own peace.This also implies when it comes to a relationship. Relationships like with your spouse and with children. Sometimes it happens so that when you are too over protective for your loved one’s just because you love and care for thema lot but this also tends to make them feel annoyed and irritated. This will only make them away from you rather bring them close to you.


Let them be free, let your children learn from their own life experiences and mistakes that make’s one more mature and independent in life. Show them that no matter what you are there for them but don’t stick to them all the time… It makes a person really feel annoyed.

Let things in life settle in it’s own way. Sometimes we go through worse because there is something amazing waiting for us ahead… Let your pains and sorrow go away. Try to forget them that would atleast makes your pain less even if it completely does not get healed. Have Faith…. I know this world is not a better place to stay but atleast we all can try for once to make it a better place 🙂



P.S. the pictures are sourced from google. 🙂

also In the last post I had said i will edit it later while posting on social sites… Will do the needful as and when I am free. 🙂

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