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M- Motivation.



Today, I so wanted to skip writing this post for the day because I am very tired. But some voice from within said… you started for a reason.. stay focused and motivated… Voila! that’s why I chose this topic for the day which suits the situation perfectly.


Motivation, be it in any form the self- motivation or the motivation we get through some experience both are must in life for our goals to get accomplished. I often have this habit of starting things with too much of excitement and then never completing it or taking it to the end. While starting this A to Z challenge I had a different feeling… a feeling which is inexplicable. The thoughts that still constantly run in my mind are will I  really reach Z? Will I complete this task of will it end like all my past experiences? Start but never end.

When I had started blogging in 2013 and had newly discovered that I want to be a writer, I often used to read blogs or books and get amazed by how eloquent the writers were with words and languages and I often used to wonder will I ever be able to use the bog words while writing?  So I  started writing those big words down in a small book and when I had some leisure time I used to find meanings of the words and note it down.


So when I started this challenge of writing this one post daily I started keeping that book beside me and would go through it before typing down my post and make a point of words which I  can use it, and if you must have noticed I have started using some words so more often that now I feel I need to find new words with same meaning to get rid of those repetition of similar words in my every post.

The point here is that how much I am trying to improve myself day by day and how much I am working hard even though I have failed…. I had two blogs earlier and I got demotivated when they did not work as people used to not read. I did not get any motivation there. I must have written a manuscript in 5 different ways almost and every time I have sent the manuscript with all grammatical mistakes and all the stupid things written inside to publishers. Well, of ‘course they rejected it. Who would want it to publish such trash? In fact, I am grateful they never got published.


But I am still trying to write a book that at- least inspire and make someone feel good. A story that makes someone happy. If not many at least one. That’s my Motivation. We shouldn’t give up just because things are not working the way we want. We must keep Trying  till we succeed in the accomplishment of our goals and dreams. Sometimes it’s worth trying till the end cause we don’t know what life have kept in the box for us. Surprises come when we least expect them. Self- Motivation is very important. You may fall, you may lose, you may fail but the day you stop trying is the day you finally be a failure. It is said… ‘You fail when you stop trying’ likewise….’ You fail when you stop writing’ that’s what I never stop doing. I may never be a well- renowned Author but I’ll always be a writer. No matter even if someone don’t read me. This time, I am ain’t letting anything come between me and my writing.

You too start what you always wanted to do in life. Never give up. Also when you know that someone out there in you family, friends or anyone whom you know personally and they are trying hard to achieve something in life or have some great talent in them encourage them, appreciate their work and let them know how great they are, for you never know your one word, your one appreciation gesture would pump them up with motivation and wondrous feelings and would help them achieve their dream/ goals and they might end up being bigger than what anyone would have imagined and you would be the reason and person behind it. 🙂


So stay motivated and keep motivating.

I would like to know if you are reading this what is your motivation? How do you bring your self up when you feel de-motivated…? Share it… It might help someone else who might just by mistake, happen to cross this not-so-good blog. 🙂

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