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It feels so good when your dear readers keep asking you about your next post when you get a bit late to post them…I feel happy about it. I feel N- Nazish would have been better? Lol… I can actually write a whole book on me but  no one would like to read it. So let’s keep it the way it is… But I guess today some of you might get a little disappointed as today’s post might not have much to read but much to see…

DSC_0249                         (Taken from my moving car while I was returning from my native.)

Today’s topic is on Nature as I feel dismayed to see it’s not raining when June is almost getting over and the climate is getting unbearable. I never used to like rain but this time for the first time I am missing rain… I want it to pour as many days as it wants to I would love to get drenched in rain. It is so sad to see that how nature has started responding to Men’s evil behaviour that we have been carrying out since years. The greenery is taking placed by the jungle of cement and we are paying for it already.

DSC_0035                                      {these lovelies were saying hi to me from my balcony 🙂 }


I so pray every day, day and night to Almighty that it should pour today and for some continuous days. Also, I think the balconies and terrace should be filled with plants and trees so that nature is not harmed more as much it has already been. I feel the importance of nature should be inculcated more and more and stop cutting down trees and taking away lands for stupid projects and buildings where half of Mumbai and many parts of India are filled with slums. I feel it’s better to spread more greenery than spreading more of luxurious home’s now.

DSC_0037{I thought the sun is saying peak a boo and it might rain but it did not pour that day 🙁 }

And, today all these pictures are some of my clicks of nature when a photographer inside me awakens by the beauty of nature and love to capture not only through the phone but also through eyes and keep them in my memories… Be kind to our mother nature and tell others to be kind too. Mother Nature is giving us a back in the most wondrous way. Let’s try to win the love of nature back so that we can enjoy it more and so does the generation could enjoy it rather suffer because of human’s greed. Let’s come together and make this world a better place to live again.


Just loved the way the clouds were accompanying me on my journey back to Mumbai from my native.

I have more pics but for some reason, only these got uploaded on my blog (slow server today) and so I am sharing these pics with you all. Hope you all like it and would also make a point to save the nature 🙂

P.s. the pictures are clicked by me 😛

Good Night… Keep Smiling. Take care. 🙂


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