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O- Optimistic

Today a pretty reader messaged me through a social site that I inspire her. I felt great about it as I always want at least one to get inspired through my writing or else it’s completely futile, of me to write all my life if my writing or words don’t happy to inspire or make someone happy out there in some way.

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I know many of you might just read the topic and would rather consider to read it later and will never come back again to this blog post to read. I guess I am going to disappoint my reader’s today with the same old boring topic I have been covering since many days. But no matter what I will write as I have no other topic to talk which starts with letter ‘O’

{That was the view from my balcony today evening}

Before going on today’s topic I would also talk about today’s Mumbai weather which was so mesmerising. Today Alhumdillilah I can say monsoon have hit Mumbai finally showering and making it a cosy weather. Yesterday only I had posted of how much I want it to rain and today it finally poured. I hope it keeps pouring till some days and enough till next 3 months so that there is no water shortage in the months to come and also by next summer we have enough water to survive on. Hope and let’s pray together. Let’s get back to our topic of the day.


Being optimistic is really difficult when we have all the negativity around. Optimistic is same as being motivated and I guess I have written a lot about being motivated in my Motivation post. There are very few people who stay optimistic even when there are people to pull them down.Successful people find their way to be optimistic and stay focused on what they have planned. They make every bit from the opportunity they get in life.


When one has dreams and goals the very first thing that one must put into its mind is no matter what happens, no matter how hard it’s going to be, no matter how many times I fail, I WILL AND FOREVER WILL BE OPTIMISTIC ABOUT MY GOALS AND PLANS AND DREAMS. That’s how it works according to me. Though I know writing and talking about is very easy but I feel when one has the courage to dream about it, one can stay positive and motivated or even if fails to will find a way to get back to its dreams and goals and try to accomplish them. It’s not that difficult, I am not just saying. I have done it. The proof is this blog.  I have tried blogging twice and then came back to it to be a regular blogger here again. Been an author of 3 stories which are published in not so famous anthology books and getting dusk on them(unread by anyone). I have been failed as a writer but came back to writing as this is the only dream I am breathing and living on. Be optimistic about yourself and your future it won’t happen until you, yourself won’t work. Keep working towards it, keep trying… You will surely get there some day and eventually one day you will succeed. 🙂

Good night!


(P.S. the first, third and fourth picture in this post are sourced from google and the 2nd two pics are clicked by me )

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