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S- Stand by you.


When days are onerous on you,

When life is being unfair to you,

when you are mortified and feel malaise,

I’ll always stand by you.

When you feel lonely,

when you feel despondent,

when you are in need of a shoulder to cry on,

I’ll always stand by you.

Be it your ups or downs,

Be it you fly high or shatter down,

Be it your triumph or misery.

I’ll always stand by you.


I am not sure if this makes a poem, but I just wrote as the words were flowing through. I was so waiting to write this post ‘Stand by you’ it is actually my one of the favourite song from Rachel Platten. This song has the real feeling that a friendship should have always. This song is close to my heart because I always picturise a friendship like a bond so strong that it never can break or be apart. But sadly, these days nothing last forever. People come and leave and sometimes without a goodbye. There is no meaning to any friendship or relationship. These all look is just real in the world of books and movies, but in the real world, everything is phoney. I will put a link to the song so the one who have not ever heard the song can hear it and I am sure you will like it 🙂

{P.S.  I have not listened to this song since a long time as Ramazan is on… The link is just for you people out there.}


Also, only 7 more alphabets left and that means just 7 days more and I’ll be through with this challenge. Yupieeee! and then there is a sad new and a good new…. keep reading to know what are the news to come 😛 .

And yes, Smile and spread smiles… It cost nothing. 🙂

Take care.

Good Night!


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