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NO, I don’t have any travel stories to tell you but yes, I would love to share it once I get a chance to Travel the world. It’s one of my top wishes to travel alone as I want to have my own space, my own journey, my own experience to learn and to explore the places with my thoughts alone.

I would love to pack my bag with few clothes, more books, and diaries and a camera to capture some lovely moments and scenery. I know everyone has this dream. Almost everyone! but I want to travel not only for luxury status but to know about places and people and broaden my thoughts so that they are more eloquent. It’s difficult to stay at one place, think and think of new ideas or stories until I don’t explore.


I want to go to a place which has hills, greenery, cosy weather stay at a hotel with my books, diaries, my incomplete manuscripts and my laptop. Shut myself from the world, no Internet, no social sites and just read and write and completely get lost in the world of words. Doesn’t it ย sound super cool?

Oh! I so wish this wish would come true. Travel, read, write, photograph, eat and repeat, life would be so awesome to have a new journey every time I would travel a new place. Which place would be better for a writer to travel? any suggestions ๐Ÿ˜›

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Or maybe have a bus that is customised in a mini travel van and travel lovely places with your pals. A mini-travel-van… Woohoo…would be so much fun to travel with your best friends and enjoy the love for travel with someone you feel comfortable with. I don’t have a lot of friends but given a chance I would gather some lovelies from my life and go away on a long journey and come back when we all are bankrupt :P. Would love to shop, talk, eat, have fun, play, take pictures with funny faces and live in the moment. How great would be that…. I so wish this one wish of mine come true some day, and then I would love to come back to my blog and share my travel stories and thoughts with you all. ๐Ÿ™‚

Good Night!

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