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Sorry for not posting any post since so many days but my wifi connection was down since days and that’s the reason I have not posted any post. Also, Ramadan is at its end and so I was very much busy. Now you would think I could have easily posted from my phone but that too is not easy as I have a  2G data plan which will make posting blogs bit difficult as downloading pictures and uploading then on the blog makes it more difficult from the phone. Through laptop, it’s quick and easy.  Also as my adventure of this A to Z challenge is coming to an end I wanted to post better blogs with error free write-ups. Through phone, I tend to make a lot of typo mistakes. So please excuse me 🙁 

It been a very long time, and I feel depressed and guilty for not being regular I am really sorry for myself as well as to my small reader’s circle who I am sure were waiting for my post to come.



It result’s season for a while, (mine are still to be out. Hoping for the best) and I happened to recently come upon this article on Deepika Padukone having an encounter with this guy who was a bit upset with his result. His mother asked Deepika, being so successful in life she might have got excellent results in her academics. To which Deepika replied that she had average marks in her results. And then she concluded, by adding that there is much more in life than academics and grades. Do what you love to do and are passionate about.

What’s the relation to this post with Unique? The point is, nowadays every parent want their child to be 90 above, and tend to compare their children with those who do better than them. But people fail to realise that every child, every human is different and unique in its kind. If a child is not good at academics, he/she might be good at something which children who are good at academics are not known to.




I had this thinking since my childhood within me. Grades and marks don’t define us nor do they hold any importance in life after some years. Everyone has something special in them to do and that’s what makes each one of us unique from the other. If one might be good at academics, the other has some sort of amazing talent that the other lacks. Comparing your child or anyone with someone else is like a sin you are committing.Yes, I take it as equal to as a sin because somewhere we hurt the person so much deeply that sometimes they person lose their confident and that uniqueness loses it spark slowly. 



Every life is different, every person is unique. We can’t compare our life to someone else thinking they have a better life, but actually, we have no idea what struggles they are facing.  We can’t compare one to another because even the twins who might look identical may not be the same when it come’s to their talent, their academics performance, their habits, etc. 

So stop complaining, stop comparing, start accepting and start living. Every soul around is unique. Respect everyone around and accept as they are. 

Have a great day Ahead!

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