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V- Vampire’s Incomplete Love Story.


Ana was almost 30 and was independent. She was living away from her parents in New York and was having a satisfied life. She would work throughout the day, go clubbing at night with her friends, have a super amazing weekend shopping.

She was living with her roommate Kate, who also happens to be Ana’s best friend since 10 years. Both of the same ages were independent and fun loving. Kate happened to have a boyfriend too named Peter.Since the time Kate met Ana, she had observed that Ana never had a boyfriend or had ever fallen deeply in love with anyone. She would only indulge in one-night stand’s and would never look back.

On one valentine Eve Kate usually spent her day with her boyfriend Peter and would come back only next morning to the girl’s apartment. But this valentine eve Kate decided to spend late night with her best friend and to Ana’s surprise who was working on her laptop with the mug of Coffee Latte on the couch with her spectacles on her hair tied in a messy bun she happened to be surprised to see her friend in love returning home late at night. Concerned Ana happened to ask “Hey, babe? is everything alright?”

“of course love just wanted to come home soon as I have some early morning meeting tomorrow,” Kate lied

Ana smiled believing her friend and went back to her work. Kate went to her bedroom changed her clothes had a shower and came back to Ana with her mug of black coffee. Looking at Ana engrossed in her work so much… Kate felt guilty to disturb but she was inquisitive to know the deepest secret of Ana’s life that she always hid.

‘Ana…I wanted to have a talk with you’ Kate disturbed the silence filled in the living room.

Ana looked up to Kate who had some questions in her eyes and Ana was scared of those looks as she always had a way to run away from those questioning eyes but today she was finding it difficult.

“Yes…?” replied Ana.

“I just want to know that secret of your life that you try to hide from people and haven’t even told me yet in this 10 years of our friendship? What is it Ana that keeps you away from finding love?”

Ana knew this was coming and she was ready for it… This time, she won’t hide behind the bush. She will confess… share her little secret with her friend who looks so concerned and worried about her all the time.Ana looked up to Kate, put her laptop aside…

“Let’s go to the balcony and talk….” Ana suggested… Both holding their coffee mugs went to the balcony which had some cold winds blowing around. Ana looked lost….

‘I was just 18, who was fun loving most happy going girl in my college. I was good at my academics and my love for dance was known by the whole college as in every college function I used to perform the best. One day there was a newcomer in our college named ‘Sam’. Sam was introvert and the most adorable guy in our college. Every girl had started hitting on him but he would never respond back to anyone. He hardly used to talk to anyone.

Every evening I would go to our college dance hall to dance. It was like a routine for me. That day I was a bit late by an hour and when I reached the dance hall, I happened to hear the music and see a guy dancing. I had never seen a guy dancing the way he was. It was Sam. I was so shocked and amazed to see him dancing. As soon as he saw me he stopped, took his bag and walked off. He did not even give me a chance to talk.

Next day I wanted for him in the hall same time but there was no sign of him and then some days passed by but he never came back to the hall. Then one day I approached him during the lunch time and sat beside him without asking him….Everyone around were shocked to see me with him who always used to be alone sitting in the corner.

“Hie, I saw you that day dancing and you are a fabulous dancer, I have never ever seen a guy dancing like you dance…. I waited for you to come the next evening and the following days but you never came? I would love to have a company while practicing dance every day….I will wait for you today evening by 6 in the hall… Hope to see you there.” I smiled and did not give him a chance to reply and walked off.

While I was practicing my steps I patiently waited for him and surprisingly he came that day. He was shy, though… I was happy to see him. We started dancing together…we started teaching each other some steps and shared an amazing chemistry together. We started spending more time with each other the whole college started talking about us but who cared…

Being with him I realised he had the most adorable smile which occurred very rare, his dark brown eyes were something someone could get lost into for hours…He had something hidden deep inside him but when he used to dance he used to forget the world around him. We had participated in a dance contest in our college where we happened to won and that day I slowly realised I love him. I always wanted to have someone who had the same passion for dance as I had and he had it in him.

One day, I thought to confess my Love to him. It was Sunday and there was no one in college. I had sneaked in the college dance hall, decorated the hall with all red roses and balloons and more flowers and had called Sam to the hall. He came to the hall and I confessed my love to him…But he was not happy with it… without saying a word he left the hall and I understood for him I was just a friend.  Being broken and embarrassed and annoyed with my feelings and behaviour I skipped some days for college. I excused myself at home saying I am not well. My parents would hardly bother as they were too busy to get worried for their child.

Then one day after crying days locked in my room I finally decided to go college. People in college started speculating things and rumours about Sam and Ana break-up had rampantly got spread. I went to college that day and hardly had a talk with anyone. I saw Sam but pretended that I haven’t seen him and things don’t affect me now.

Days and weeks passed by…. there was no word from Sam till one night… He happened to sneak in my room and surprise me with his sudden appearance.

“SAM…? what the hell are you doing in my room?” I happened to jump on my bed and walk towards to my door to lock it to be safe from my parents.

“I want to talk to you, Ana…I am sorry for my behaviour but…I did not know how to react and then your sudden skipping college days and then again coming back to college and not talking to anyone…I tried talking to you but… I could not….Ana… its just that…..”

“What is it, Sam?”

“Ana, I love you since the day I first saw you dancing in our college hall. I used to hide and watch you dancing…. But Ana we are not mean to be…” he had a disappointed look, helpless look on him…his eyes were wet but he was trying hard to hold it back…

“why?” I asked.

” Ana…. some things just don’t be the way it seems…” he moved his back towards me and looked away

“Sam…love makes everything possible…when we both love each other why can’t we be together?”

“Because I am not Human…. I am  Vampire..” he faced me…. his eyeballs turned red and he got those pointed side teeth and his skin went pale…. It was scary to see him in that look.

I could not believe my eyes… it was like it happened in  movies and story books…I cried looking at him in those looks and got scared of him….He returned to his normal looks looking at me and then came near me…

“Ana… don’t be scared I won’t hurt you. It was just to make you believe that some things are not just meant to be. He kissed my forehead and vanished in seconds…. That night I could not believe my eyes… I could not believe the person I love is not human…

I happened to google about Vampires existence and read some news about people having accidental encounters with Vampires, some dead and found marks on the neck and by the investigation, it was found that only a Vampire could have killed in the way the body had marks and all the blood from the body was sucked away. But not much was in the news…

I happened to think about it and then next day decided to meet Sam. I met Sam the next day after college in a cafe nearby. We met, we were having our coffee but for some 30 minutes we did not have any talk.

“How can this be possible, Sam? all this is only possible in stories…” I said.

“Believe it or not Ana… this is the truth…” he replied looking into my eyes and holding my hand across the table.

“Sam, can’t we make things work?”

“Ana, I can’t put your life at risk… My world is not safe for a normal human like you…I can’t lose you…”

“But… Sam, I love you…”

“I love you too Ana…” It was raining out and the weather was cosy. Our eyes did the talking…then we decided to be together and let time decided what it is for us in future. For now, we could not be apart. We started going out around together, had our dance sessions together, everything was like normal…. I could at times see Sam’s skin sparkling in the sun, we would sit in his apartment and talk about everything around the world.

His parents were supportive but he hardly used to interact with them. He was a born Vampire and he blamed his parents for it at times. He used to say…

“Ana, it’s not easy to be a Vampire….I don’t feel happy killing people around and surviving on it. There is a huge guilt inside me. My father was a vampire by accident he had got bit by his friend who was a vampire and then when my father realised he told my mother. They were not married then and were  truly in love. Like you, my mother wanted to make things work and she wanted to be with my dad forever… and then both mutually decided to get married and make my mother a vampire too. On their wedding night, my dad happened to bite my mom and make her a vampire…. and then eventually later I was born as a vampire since birth….”

One day, I and Sam were at his place playing video games and were surprised by a guest at his place. His parents were busy making lunch. It was Sam’s old and best friend John. John knew about me and Sam as they both were in contact through letters they used to write each other and share their feelings. I knew about John as Sam had mentioned about him to me a lot of times. We had our lunch together and had a lot of talkings…

We trio were kind of having fun talking and knowing things about each other. A year passed by, it was our graduation day. My parents had no idea about Sam and his parents. But both the family were friendly enough. I and Sam were the happiest on that day. Sam’s parents had thrown a party at their house for us. My parents luckily had to leave as my grandmother wasn’t keeping well and she lived in another city.

Who knew things would change that night… In the party, they were all Vampires but for me, it was all normal… Sam made sure to keep me away from the Vampire’s who were evil in fact they were very few of those.

Accidently the drink happened to get spilled on my dress and I went to clean it off in the washroom, while coming back to the party I had a small cut in my arm through something pointed stuck in a wall nearby. Sam came in searching for me and he saw my blood spill…. He began to resist the Vampire inside him but somehow it was scary looking at him… His eyeballs were turning red and he was turning uncanny…

I took my arm, he tried to control but then suddenly…. he licked my blood…. He turned in the vampire and I Started getting away from him… I tried to escape from the monster inside him and tried to bring him back to the Sam I loved.

“Sam…? I had tears in my eyes and got really scared… ‘You said, you wouldn’t hurt me ever…Sam I love you… I am your Ana…”

I tried to talk to him… to make him realise… But it was too late. I ran into the backyard for help… But everyone was in the living room and in the front verandah… I screamed for help but by the time everyone could reach Sam had bitten me on my neck and had sucked my blood….The monster inside him had won….

The next day…. I was left at home unconscious on my bed. I did not know for some seconds what had happened… My mom was beside me sleeping.


“Ana…baby you fine?”

“What happened, mom?”

“We are so sorry baby… Last night… when the party was over and all guests had left… You and Sam’s family and his friend John were still at Sam’s place. There was a sudden gas explosion and you and Sam got saved but Sam went to save his family and friend and in that process, he too died….” my mom cried….

I could not remember anything as such happening and then I remembered, Sam’s mysterious looks and how he bit me… but how was I alive and where was Sam?

“You need to have something, honey. You are weak. I’ll get you some healthy breakfast. Till then you get to freshen up”

I could not believe what was happening? was I left to be a vampire? butI felt nothing uncanny or any change in me. I had a shower to leave to Sam’s house. Without having my breakfast I left to Sam’s place and to the shock of my eyes I saw his house completely burnt. It was a beautiful house left in ashes now… No one was there around. Nor Sam, nor his parents nor John. I went inside the house which was so burnt and had only bits and pieces… Tears rolling down my eyes…. I went to the backyard where Sam had bitten me… There was a table half burnt and a small envelope with my name on it… and it was not burnt.I opened the envelope and read

“Dear Ana,

by the time you get this letter i would have gone away from your life forever. Yes, Ana, I will be dead when you will get this letter. Ana, I loved you with all my heart and you were my only love. I am sorry for doing what I did to you. I feel ashamed to hurt my love, my life. But I know, that even you know it wasn’t me… It was not your Sam who hurt you, you tried to kill you. It was the monster inside him…. But I could not live with the guilt THAT I KILLED YOU…. I am sorry love. Please forgive me if you ever can.

By the time, my parents and John could save you from me, or I could come to my senses you were gone, and when I came to my senses I was numbed… I could not believe what I had done. Your body, all pale was left in front of my eyes. I just could not take it. I had to bring you back anyhow. We took your body to our master, who is our king for Vampires. He gave me only two choices either give you my blood and give you a life of a vampire or give you my life. I could not let you live in pain a vampire lives Ana. I choose to give you my soul that belonged to you forever. John would be taking care of my parents. I know it was hard on them to let their son go, but they knew what you meant for me, Ana…

Ana… you did not deserve to be with a monster soul like me. I give you my soul, live a life like a normal human would and try to find love. My parents and John or anyone from the world of Vampire would never ever be able to meet you. For the privacy of the Vampire’s world, there is an invisible wall between you and Vampires… Even if they cross by you, you won’t be able to see them. No one will harm you, Ana. You have got your life, live it to the fullest, find love and do everything that your heart desires. I am always with you love… in you, in your heart. Take care… I love you and will always love you.

Lovingly your’s forever,

Sam. With loads of love for you.

After that, I was broken. I missed him like hell. Everywhere I went I wanted him badly. Nights I used to cry like hell and shout for him… My parents could not see me in such pain… They decided to leave the city and then we shifted to London. I was then put to counselling and then eventually with strength I lived my life till date in his memory, with his love. I moved on but I can never love of give someone his place. I am his and he is all mine… forever and ever. I can’t love someone like him and so I can’t play with someone’s feelings. Maybe not in this world, maybe not in his world… but may be in heaven he is waiting for me…

Kate had tears in her eyes and she hugged her friend who seemed upset but still had her beautiful smile on her face….

Life moves one but some things don’t change ever.



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