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W- Writing is my love, my lifeline.



Writing has been the best of thing that have happened to me in my life. Though I have been really low on writing and been a bit lazy too.(I am sorry). I consider writing as my lifeline, people breath in oxygen to live and I feel I write to live. I know I am not a great writer, not even close to great. But I make it sure I do my bit to improve my writing, language, grammar and be eloquent in writing.

Writing has been a passion for me since I realized I want to be a writer. It occurred to me when I was 18. Writing has since then helped me improve not only as a writer but also as a person. Writing needs a lot of reading and through reading,I explored many, different life together and many different kinds of world. Reading has broadened my mind as well as thinking. It has made me realized how wrong I was at times to judge someone on their choices or behaviour. I now realize I can’t judge anyone randomly and make my own speculations on them. There are various reasons behind someone’s decision, choice, behaviour and the way they think.


I am no one to make someone feel small or ashamed if they don’t know something or lack somewhere. No one is perfect. I am no one to judge someone or gossip about their life and personal choices. Today I feel guilty, for judging people in my past and making my mind that they are not worthy, I should not talk to them, they are wrong, their choices are wrong etc. Today I try not to judge someone,(I try because I am a human… People take time to change.) Also writing and reading has helped me to realize that I can’t always take things for granted. Writing has made me realize that when nothing in life stay’s forever, it is writing who can help me cope up with the grief…

Writing has made me a better person than I ever was. It has not only improved my language and my perspective towards things around but it has given me the ability to be patient  enough not only with myself but with others around me too.It has given me the resistance to take in what comes in life, but never give up in life. I have always been strong and like a fighter, but writing and reading has made me braver enough to face anything,come what may.


So, tomorrow if you don’t see me successfull writer or any book in my name… It is okay. Though its my biggest dream to write  books and make someone’s day brighter with my stories and writing out there who reads it. But even if I am not able to write books, I will always be a writer and I don’t need an official tag for it. Oh! sorry I am already a writer. 😛

A writer who is ready to learn something new each day and improve the writer in me as much as I can. A writer for life, a student for life. Learning each day something new, also makes us a better person and it also gives peace within…


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