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Since I had no got no idea what to write with ‘X’ I thought to post this short story written by me on my old blog long ago. So here it goes….



It’s been a year…She was gone.He was sitting by her grave, with eyes filled in. he had got red roses which she used to love… and there was his 3 years old daughter.

Kate was his first and last love, she was everything for him. Though she always hated him. They had spent most of the time fighting and hating each other, taking silly revenge and showing each other their anger and attitude to one another.

Kate was suffering from brain tumour and she had very little time that’s when she met John. She loved him but never could accept it as she did not want to hurt him and share her pain with him making his life depressed. They both knew they are made for each other, but Kate’s not accepting and being rude and harsh on John always made things worse. Until the end, Kate did not let John know about her health.

She disappeared all of a sudden from London to New York and on her funeral, John got a call from the hospital Nurse Kate was admitted during her last days of life. The nurse informed John about Kate. Kate had left her diary for John where she had to express her love for him. The nurse was close to Kate and she too told John how she suffered all alone but always talked about John in her final moments and in fact her last words were, “I love you, John.”

John had tears in his eyes, and he could not bear the pain… he was angry at her, “how could she be so selfish…, could have at least given me one chance to spend some moments with her… to live with the beautiful memories for the rest of my life.” he would think.

In her diary, she had one request from John, “if ever you have a daughter name her Kate and give her all your love you wanted to give me.”


 On the graveyard…

“I wish you were alive because I am soo angry with you, I want to fight with you so bad…, but I have someone to introduce to you, Kate that’s your Mom… Resting in peace. Her blessings and love are with you… I adopted her from an orphanage and named her Kate, now she is my life… No, I am not moving on, I can’t move on, because…. I love you and I will always love you…”

Father and daughter walked out of the graveyard…


Some love stories remain incomplete but the love is so deep and true that it eventually get’s complete.


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