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Y- Young at Heart.


Age is just a number. True it is… When I was turning 20 I had this depressed feeling inside me thinking I am getting old, nothing is left in life now… Life is finished, it will get boring  now and then I turned 21 and I felt more depressed about it. I felt as if life would be difficult to live. People started vanishing from life, everything became so depressed and I felt as if my world has come to an end.

But some time back I thought, how can just a number make us feel old? Why do we give the age the power to define us? I feel everyone should be young at every age. There should be the child inside us alive throughout our life and we must make every bit of our life.

Why do we wait for everything? Like, for example, we wait for our retirement to do certain things we always wanted to do. They say old age brings another childhood for us, but I say we wait for old age? Why can’t we play on Sunday’s like we used to play in our childhood? Why can’t we climb the trees and sit and observe the world around from the top? Why can’t we dance in the rain? Why can’t we act stupid in public and think about people whose opinion hardly should matter to us?


Why hide the child in us all the time? I feel we should be young at heart and do every crazy stupid stuff our heart desires to do. I feel we shouldn’t wait or the right time. We must make use of today and live in the moment, make crazy memories to remember during our last days and be proud that we did live our life in such a wonderful way than regretting all our life thinking if only I wished I would have lived my life in a better way, unlike others.

Do what your heart desires and no matter what just be who you are. Be young at heart always no matter how old in numbers you get.  🙂


  • mehwishpangarkar

    Thumbs up ..! well said..!! Even I was struck with the same was like…Oh! this is what people talk about..AGING..esp women..what I realized is that even if we had youth for lifetime..what would we do ? Experiences, memories , acts are wonderful because it happens once in a while…at certain time certain every experiences…it will lose its awesomeness if we do it over and over …..
    Lots of Love..Keep Writing……Good Wishes…!!

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