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{I thought for long what should I give this post a topic with ‘z’ and then I remembered reading someone’s A to Z challenge blog post long ago and he/she had this Topic. I don’t really remember whose blog was it so I am sorry for not mentioning it here to give him/her credits.}

So I finally have completed the challenge( I know I took a bit of time due of some gap in between, I am sorry.) But I did complete the challenge and I had an amazing journey with this challenge. I had begun this challenge in order to get out of the writer’s block zone and let my creativity flow smoothly. TO some extent I have succeeded in it and I am proud of it.

Also with this challenge and the new blog I was amazed to see that people were reading my post and giving their wonderful feedbacks which really kept me motivated and also helped me a lot.

Also, I started this blog in the beginning of Ramadan and glad to complete the challenge by the end of the holy month. So tomorrow will be a new day…. If you could remember, some post back I had mentioned that by the end of this challenge I will be announcing a good news and a bad news…

The bad news is, I won’t be posting any new blog post on this blog. This blog journey ends here. 🙁 I am sorry. I too have some feelings attached to this blog, also this blog has given me a new positivity about my writing. But I am ain’t deleting this blog. I am keeping to cherish the blog post and the journey we had together, me as a writer/blogger and you as my readers.  If some day I feel low I will get back to this blog posts and read my post and remember the amazing time I had while posting and receiving the feedbacks. I am really thankful to all my readers who spared their precious time for me and my blog. Especially my twitter pals who made it a point to read my post and give me the feedback. Thankyou Masoom Jethwa for reading my post every day and leaving the comments on my blogs too (you are an amazing poet… Keep writing please),  @TheVal_M (sorry I don’t know your real name 😛 ) Thankyou for your lovely suggestions you kept giving me…(still have to read your blogs will do it soon. soo Sorry) and a very special thanks to the most amazing and funny reader of mine (who say’s he is my fan :D) @the_nautanki for your funny comments and making me smile by your nautanki.

Thank you all of you for keeping me motivated, hope you keep doing so. 🙂

Okay, so now come’s the good news. The good news is, a friend of mine gifted me my own website and so now I will be blogging on my own website. Yay! I always wanted to have my own website and now I have it. That is the reason I won’t be blogging on this blog anymore. 🙁

But I will write, post, blog, share my views everything on my new website blog. So I am not going anywhere. You will still read my post. :D. I will be launching my website tomorrow on a special day as it is Eid tomorrow and I feel it is perfect to launch my own website. So stay connected to me. I will post a small blog post here with my link so that who all are not connected to me by social sites will get to know my website link.

So keep reading and keep spreading the love around. Keep in touch. Take Care. 🙂



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