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Helpless (That gloomy feeling…)



Have you ever felt helpless in life? Felt like a trapped soul? I do…

I keep facing this phase in my life where I feel lost and feel like everything around me is going against me. I want to come out of that feeling, that melancholy state of mind but it feels impossible to do so… I feel trapped in a feeling which I try to fight back but in vain… So what do I do when I face such a phase or when such days arrive in my life?

Well, one thing that I do on a regular basis is praying and keep my faith strong. No matter how hard life gets to me, no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how sad, happy, angry, excited I am… I will pray my namaz and read Quran…So it is not that only when life gets a little tough I turn to my Creator, but it is always… But yes, at times the devil do win over me and I get lost but somehow my Creator always finds a way to get me back on track…And at times I know He is just testing me… And reading Quran and praying Namaz might not completely solve my problems or get me out of that dark phase but it does calm me down… It does give me the strength and patience to fight back the demons within me and fight back those gloomy days and phase.

The other thing that I do during such helpless moments of phase is I read and write. I find words the most soothing friends… Whenever I feel lost I would read books which at times gives me hope and strength and sometimes even show me a way to fight back and sometimes I would just pen down my feelings in form of poems or just randomly pen them down.

But at times I go blank… Even words fail to help me soothe my heart and soul so at such point I get into creativity. Maybe painting or some DIY art or even getting into graphic designing. And so this is how I fight back those gloomy days and melancholy feelings, or those days when I feel helpless… Such gloomy feeling keeps visiting me but somehow I do fight back like a valiant lioness and get back to life with positivity and never gives up!

If you are reading this I would like to know how do you fight your gloomy days and when you feel helpless in life?

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