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February, the month of love.

Are you among those who are frustrated with life? Those who really feel that you are lost? Are you one of those who wants to start appreciating yourself and learn to love yourself? Well, then you are at the right place. Keep reading to know more.

28 days blogging challenge


February is here and everyone must be excited about the fact that its the month of love… But here I am who is planning to do something different this month… All I want to try is blog continuously for 28 days on a theme… Now, this is challenging for me because I will have to be pre-planned and also be focused on my theme and also be regular on posting and be determined which altogether is a difficult job for me because like you I am lazy and tend to be lost in life… The theme is definitely what suits the month of the year that is Love. But wait, there is a twist…

The twist is, I will not blog about falling in love with someone else, but will blog about falling in love with yourself. Yes, you read it right… And like I said, I am among you who feels lost and feels unhappy with myown self because let’s be honest we are never thaught to learn ourselves…So I am hoping that while blogging and finding ways to learn and appreciate my own self in my journey you too will learn something and gain something from my blogs.  This will also help me get back to blogging/writing which I seriously need and also will help me to stay focused.

Well, Apart from learning from my journey about self-love you might also get to know me better as my reader and also I might get to know you as my reader and might even get help from you when I am stuck. So, in short, it is a two ways treat.

But that won’t be possible if you don’t help me, so if you are reading this and if you happen to read my blog post throughout my journey make sure to comment below and share your thoughts and views so that I can get more knowledge about self-love. So keep reading, and hoping to see the positive change by the end of this month.

Meanwhile, let me know what does self-love mean to you?

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  • Masoom

    Thanks to the Almighty Lord, I am not one of those. And I am trying my best to help the ones who are in that state. Maybe sometimes people open up, sometimes they lie as they don’t want to be. But yes I do try sometimes. I am an emotional human. So does this post. Have a great day. Stay Strong.

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