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All about self love…

All about self-love

Before I start this journey, let me make sure one thing and that is I am not an expert at this nor I am certified to talk about self-love. Everything that I will be writing on my blog throughout this journey will be according to my research and assumptions and what I understand as to what self-love is. There is no one way for self-loving… Everyone has their own way of loving themselves. This would be my way of starting to love myself and finding ways to self-love.

One thing is very clear that self-love is a lifetime journey and it means to love your self unconditionally. All that I have read and discovered till now is self-love is like those fitness goals that we take. One day you realize that it is time to take your health seriously and you make a goal that within this particular period you will lose weight and you begin that journey by going to the gym and changing your diet. But then it takes weeks and months to see some results and then you realize that this is a lifetime goal. Because once you stop working out and eat unhealthy food you will again start gaining weight and you will be back to square one.

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The same way, self-love is a lifetime journey, one needs to be motivated, focused and determined to keep loving your self and keep finding ways to appreciate yourself. And this might sound easy but it is not actually easy…

Remember the last time you doubted yourself? The last time you felt low and felt as if you are not worth anything? The last time you secretly cursed yourself and blamed yourself for something that went wrong?

We all do get these thoughts and self-love is what teaches us to accept and appreciate ourselves with all the flaws that we have within. We at times do not treat ourselves and our body properly. We only tend to be happy with ourselves at good times, what about when times are hard on us? We always have a negative feeling within and let ourselves down. Self-love is not just about wearing good clothes and looking better and maintaining your looks it’s much more.

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Self-love is all about accepting yourself, which builds your confidence and then you grow as a person. It’s all about loving yourself and being what you are no matter what others would say and think but you just be the way you are without being ashamed…Loving ourselves and acceptance of yourself not only will help us but will also help people who are connected with us and around us. It is important to practice self-love because slowly and eventually it changes our whole life, it changes our perspective towards things and we are able to tackle any situation in life valiantly.

Why I started this journey? Well, because I doubt myself a lot, I have lost confidence completely within me and I feel only by learning and by practicing self-love and also y writing my thoughts and continue writing throughout my life will only help me to grow as a person and help me to doubt myself less, be confident and help me to love myself unconditionally and accept myself… And I feel to share this journey with you too.

I am not sure if anyone will read this or not but all I hope is by the end of this month I am a positive person with much love for myself and to share a lot on this blog…I just hope with this journey I change one life and even if it means changing my own alone I don’t mind… And this journey is not going to be easy, but then who said we can’t give a try? I or we (if you are reading this) won’t be able to learn everything at once or practice everything at once, but at least we will surely take baby steps to reach to a better destination than where we are today. So let’s hope for the best.

So let’s have a fantastic weekend and let’s see what we have in our box for tomorrow to learn…

Have a great weekend ahead!



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