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Should-a, Would-a, Could-a?


So the first step towards this self-love journey that I feel is suitable for me is to list out things what I always used to think I should do but ended up doing nothing at all. We make so many plans and think so many ways out to make our life better, we always have a way out but we also always have a way to make excuses and end up being the lazy bum. I feel it is time for me to work on the things I always thought I should do to make my life a little better.

Well, this is my way to take my first step towards the self-love journey, there can and are many ways out there but to be systematical, lets first find out what changes do we need to bring in our lifestyle and schedule to make things easier so that we can focus and work on those things easily. Trust me listing things always works and even planning them out. I always do this for my studies, even though I hardly follow it but at least I know where I need to work, how much I need to work and it also gives me an idea how to go about it. That is the reason, that since last year I am trying my hand at making lists, planning things by writing them out.

These are specifically my list of things I need to work on and pay my focus on… If anyone out there is reading this, so this might give you a rough idea of how to work on your self-love journey or at least might help you in some way.

So here it goes…

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  1.  Sleeping early and waking up early.

This is the most essential thing to change in my life, I end up being awake late at night doing nothing productive but just watching videos on writers interviews or any public figure interview or at times watching FRIENDS series, sometimes movies, and at times listening to music. Even if I must have spent this late night times in reading books I must have counted that being productive but this is what I end up doing and then naturally I wake up late. But that will end as I have my college to re-open from Monday so due to which I need to wake up early.

But what I actually wanted to do waking up early is, first thing is to pray (which I eventually do but then I go back to sleep again -_- duh!) and then have a cup of warm water, and then watch the sun-rise, and by watching the sun-rise helps to be mentally  calm and think positive, and then go for a walk in the garden and spend some time in nature. This is how I actually want my morning to be but damn! life happens… Proper sleep and a healthy sleep is a must for a healthy lifestyle and a healthy mind and soul.

Also at this morning hour, I wanted to make time to blog/write so that I could write on some positive thoughts and make mine as well as who reads my blogs day better…

2. Getting into Fitness and Healthy Lifestyle.

This is great news! (2)

If you must have read my 2018 goals this is one of the goals, but getting into a healthy lifestyle isn’t easy especially for a person like me who is a die-hard junk food fan, with a lot of laziness running into my body. So going to the gym, and then eating healthy is something I try to do but it only lasts for some days rather, to last with me for a lifetime. It’s true, a healthy lifestyle should also be a lifelong goal. So this is one habit I am trying to get into and hopefully, I should end up having some positive results by the end of this year. Being healthy and fit will not only keep your body healthy but in turn will help your mind as well as your soul to stay healthy. By staying fit one can be more focused and more energetic, it also helps to keep the negativity away.

3. Blogging more often

This is great news! (1)

Well, I have already started working on this since January 2018 but I just hope I keep blogging throughout the year and also get into the habit of writing stories and improve my writing skills. This is also a part of my 2018 goals.

Writing thoughts down even in a diary helps to de-clutter your mind and also writing helps a lot when you are in the low times of your life. At least it does help me. Writing is something which is like the top priority for me so even if I am not blogging I am either making my diary entry or at times writing my messy thoughts and posting them on my Instagram page.

4.Reading more of Books

Should-aWould-aCould-a (1)

I should be reading a lot of books and when I mean a lot means a lot… So that is one thing I am trying to do, January was the month I could hardly read anything as I had my exams but I am hoping to finish some of my current reads before February ends. (This is also a part of my 2018 goals). Reading is something I enjoy the most, but these days somehow I am distracted by a lot of things and that is what I am hating it. When I am reading I am lost to another world, I genuinely enjoy reading novels and somehow every story that I read gives me some idea, or a sign or helps me in life in some way or the other. So this is something I need to do a lot and that is Reading…

5. Spending time to do some hobby.

Should-aWould-aCould-a (2)

I need to do a lot of artwork and get back to honing my skills as I seriously am lacking the basic skills because I am out of practice, if I happen to get back to them you will know what kind of artwork I do… But at the moment I just need to plan to make time for it somehow. When you do something that makes you happy the stress level lows down also it makes you content with life.  So find something that makes you happy, it can be anything and make some time to get them on your schedule…

Now that these are the things that I should be working on majorly, it will be easy for me to pay more attention to these things and make it a part of my schedule. Hopefully, by the end of this month, I should (must) successfully have made all these a part of my life and improve my lifestyle. Also, this will also help me love myself and appreciate my own self a little more.

Let’s keep hoping for the best and working for the best…

Hope you enjoyed reading this!

Take care.





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