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Healthy Morning Rituals

Many of us can relate to those drowsy feeling that we get in the morning and curse life for being so mean to us because we don’t feel like getting out of our cozy bed. I too have this feeling every morning, and now I really want to change it.

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I want to try to start my morning in a positive way so that the following day goes better. Morning is the time we should feel fresh and energetic so that we are more positive about the following day. Here are some tips to kick start your day the better way. This is my take on making my mornings better… So let’s start with it.

1.) Be Grateful

Be grateful for a new day added to your life. Be grateful for all the things you are blessed with in your life, be it your family, friends, your work, your talent, your house… Say a silent prayer in your mind thanking God to bless you with so many blessings and also to bless you with a new day in your life. Breathe in deeply and breathe out and get out of your bed with a smile.

2.) Pray/Meditate.

For me, prayer is what I prefer and also it’s my kind of meditation as it gives me peace and I lay all my worries in the hands of my Creator. You can just find your favorite spot in your house and sit calmly, leaving all your worries away and just breath in and breath out. This will keep your mind empty and give you a fresh start for the day.

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3. Drink warm water:

Kick start your day with a warm glass of water or you can even use half a lemon squeeze it in the warm water and drink it. This will help to detoxify your body, aids digestion increases immunity, helps lose weight, and also good for your skin as well. There are many more health benefits of drinking warm water with lemon and also adding honey will give additional health benefits.

4.) Start your days by thinking something positive about yourself and life:

When you look yourself in the mirror in the morning make sure you tell something positive about yourself and appreciate yourself. Smile at your reflection and promise to be the better version and not to let yourself down… Pep talks help a lot and so doing a pep talk in the morning will eventually make you feel better only if you think positive thoughts.

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5.) Having healthy breakfast.

Start your day with healthy breakfast like fruits, oatmeals, or anything that is healthy and that you prefer. I make my own breakfast, so at times Poha (an Indian form of breakfast)  is something which is good as its the only thing I can cook faster for my face-paced morning or sometimes egg-omelet works for me and on days when I am feeling lazy to cook, I eat fruit salad. And a cup of tea without which I can’t step outside of my house. Also, I am not always sticking to these healthy breakfast rituals, as there are days where I cheat  and have toast bread with jam and butter or just a Rusk with tea works on other days but I try my level best to stick to the healthy kind of breakfast

6.) Do something for that you love.

For me reading or writing down my thoughts will work. You can try whatever you feel like, there are people who love to go for a walk for 30 to 45 minutes or people who love to listen to music or even going to the gym will do. For me as I have my early morning college lecture reading while I board in the train or even writing down some of my thoughts or even planning my day and making the To-do list will be something that will be productive for my morning rituals.

So these are some of the things I need to do and add these up to my morning rituals so that I can kick start my day on a positive note and this will help me have a better day with not only much of energy but also much of love for myself throughout the day. This will help to have a healthy mind and lifestyle so let’s hope I get into this morning rituals and also I hope this will help you as well. If you have anything more to share you are always welcomed.

Till then take care.



  • Masoom

    The key is, you don’t have to plan everything at all. Makin good habits is different from plan. Sometimes if we are determined to do that we do it with conviction. I follow my inthemoment ideology, than thinking a lot and making plans. Nice post. Keep writing.

    • sandrasimagination

      Yes some of us creative creatures are useless with making plans. Great ideas and acheivements often come from chaos! But having a well grounded morning ritual helps the mind not to derail….

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