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Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy

HappyBirthdayMy Love


Hello to readers…

I don’t know if you are reading this or no, but I still want to share one of my experience. Today as it was Monday and also the first day of my college of the new semester I was awake early in the morning. Surprisingly I wasn’t tired or feeling irritated.So the first thing I did was I prayed and got freshened up. It was already light outside, and I took a mug of warm water, opened up my balcony window and sat there watching the birds flying, sipping in my warm water and breathing the fresh air of morning. Trust me it was the best of feeling I have had after ages, and this is what I was looking for,’The Change’.  And not just this, I felt amazing throughout the day, though while writing this blog I am tired and sleepy but the day was better than the past few days I was having and I am hoping I will have much better and lovely days ahead.

While it’s already been few days since I have started this self-love journey I wondered if things would really change? Will I be able to do all the things that I have planned and will I be able to put it into action? But seem’s like whatever I am writing and thinking and reading everything is coming together as a shield for me against the negative and doubtful thoughts and actually things are working… But I don’t want to get super excited and think I have achieved my goal, this might be a theme that I have picked to write on this whole month but I know self-love is a life-long journey and it will take me ages to get proper changes in my life, but I am happy to see the small changes and I hope to see some more changes…

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Anyways, let’s get back to our topic of the day and that is don’t compare your life with others. Every individual on this earth has a different life, have different problems faced by them in their life. Never ever try to compare yourself or your life with others because that will only take away your happiness and your confidence, it will take away your peace of mind. Even the happiest person you see around you is not actually happy they do have problems and issues that they are facing but they choose not to show it to people or they know how to tackle with life and chose to smile and stay happy in every condition.

You are different and unique and so is your life, never try to bring yourself down. Try to compete with your own self so that you can become a better version of yourself tomorrow. Work on your weakness and try to be more loving towards yourself and others as well. A comparison is like a venomous kind of feeling which will only suck your happiness, peace, and joy.

Try to stay calm and be kind and be grateful for this life and a new day in your life, be grateful that you have come this far by yourself, be strong and focus on your journey… Stay away from people that make you feel little about yourself and cut such people from your life. I know it’s not easy at times but make up your mind that you love your self so much that nothing and no one can bring yourself down. Start respecting and appreciating yourself. Life is tough, try to make it a little less complicated.

Take care!

By the way how was your first day of the week?

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