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Be Yourself!

The most important aspect of self-love is just being yourself and believing in yourself. I am the kind of person who has not only been judged wrong but also have judged people wrong. I have been extremely judged wrong by people but that’s okay! we all have been there I know. But judging someone else unless you don’t know their point of view, their side of the story, their reasons for the choices they make, how and who am I to judge someone? This is what I am trying to get into my system and somewhere I am successful, by not judging someone unless I don’t know them personally. In fact, the people whom I thought will never ever understand me or get close to me, are the ones who are closest and very precious and dear to me today. And the ones who were close to me once upon a time have turned their backs on me while I needed them the most and I know this happens with all of us a lot…I know people change a lot and I also have realized one thing recently is, I am not a people’s person, I try to stay away and keep myself out of being attached to people…

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I always have been lost and have been naive since childhood. I used to be the kind of person who easily can be controlled and also my choices and actions depended on other’s point of view and judgment. But life, experience, wrong decisions, have taught me that I should have my own point of view towards someone. I should not let someone take control of my mind and let them make me dance on their decisions. I should trust my own instincts… And that is how you learn, from your own experiences.


Being yourself does not mean you are selfish or you are arrogant. If being yourself makes people think you are rude, then be it…Why should you change for someone else who does not even appreciate for what you really are? This is your life, live it to the fullest. Do not let someone take control of it and make it more vulnerable. People will come and go, so better don’t let anyone have so much effect on you that you will regret later. Beware of the people who are behind the mask stating they are your well-wishers. Some well-wishers are the most venomous kind of people you might be around, so stay alert.

Believe in yourself and make your own choices, cause even if they are wrong they will give you a lesson that will help you grow as a person. Have faith in yourself, be yourself and be confident. Because you are precious and strong and important, so love yourself. Don’t let someone control your choices, mind, and life. Take control of your own life and stay the way you are.


Just be the better version of yourself for your own benefit.

Take care!



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