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Don’t bother much.

Don'tYesterday I blogged about being yourself. But I forgot to add in that most of the times we are taught that we should not do certain things because the society does not accept it… We should not do or say certain things because people related to us or around us might not like it and appreciate it. We are always taught to do things that will please the society and people around us.

If we try to be different, people will gossip about us, they will look down upon us…But why should we bother what will people think and why should we live accordingly how people or society wants us to live. Remember one thing always, never ever try to degrade your own status or respect for anyone. Even at times, our own elders are wrong. It is not necessarily their viewpoints and opinions always turn to be right. Yes, they can be great in term of advice and they have a better experience in life than us but also remember the times in which they have lived and grown was different, their experience in life is different and so does their viewpoints differ. Where us our times, our generation, our experience, and our viewpoints might differ that does not mean that we are wrong.

But that does not mean you won’t listen to your heart or you won’t even at least try to do something that your heart desires you to do. Never ever stop chasing your dreams and passions because people around you feel you won’t be able to do or you should not do because it is something they feel is out of their capacity. They will tell you that you can’t do because they know they themselves can’t. Never ever let someone bring you down. Go and find your what ifs’ answers by your own self.

People will talk, they will forever gossip about you or they will always have someone to gossip about. That does not mean one should stop leaving. You are not born to impress people and relatives and society. You are given this one life to live and find your way through the ifs and buts and chase your dreams and make them come true.

Always love yourself more than anyone else and respect yourself more. And never take sh**t from anyone. Stay Strong!

Take Care!


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