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Don’t Give UP!

I know it is getting harder day by day to actually follow the path towards self-love journey. But don’t give up as let me remind you that this is a life-long journey so we have to keep going on.

So if you feeling low or depressed and again those negative vibes are coming back, let’s fight against it. How? Well, you can try a new hobby, or just take a moment to appreciate something about yourself, be it your skin, your body, your eyes, or just how beautiful you look. Or plan an outing with someone or if no one is available then go alone. Take yourself for a coffee date or to a restaurant which serves your favorite food. Or just have some chocolates or ice-cream or hot chocolate get into your blanket on the bed and read your favorite books or just watch your favorite movies or series.

It’s not going to be always easy and it is not going to be a smooth road so it is okay to have some days where you are not feeling as positive or as good as you should, but that also does not mean that you flow in the waves of the ocean of melancholy or drown in the ocean of doubts. Just try to distract yourself with something you were longing to do, or just go for a walk, or do anything that means much to you and would make you feel better.

There will be days when you won’t feel to step outside your bed or you just want to sleep all day, it’s okay! Don’t bother about it much because then you can always fresh start with positive thoughts tomorrow. Just don’t stop trying.

You might not reach your goal immediately or it might take even months and years to bring some good change in you, but what important is at least you are trying, you are not giving up and trust me your step towards this self-love journey will surely show you some change bit by bit and then it will surely take you to a bigger change and life will actually seem easy and beautiful to you suddenly.

So keep trying, don’t give you and of course, love yourself and accept yourself the way you are. Because trust me you are beautiful you are worthy and you deserve to be happy…

To whomsoever reading this.

Take Care.

Love yourself!


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