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It’s Okay!

There will be days when you will face failures and you will fell down. You will feel lonely and will want to cry.  You will look around for someone to help you out, to pick you up, and then you will realize that there is no one around you. That’s when you will learn to pick yourself up and continue this race by yourself.

It’s okay! Be your own best friend. Never be dependent on anyone because trust me no one will ever know what you are going through and how much you going through. People in this world either are happy to know that you are unhappy and facing problems or hardly care about you!

No one is going to be by your side always so always make sure when you have a fall, pick yourself up and don’t feel ashamed of the failures because the harsh truth is failures are actually like your best friends, they teach what no one and nothing can teach you. Also, not all people around you are mean, so during tough times, we get to know who actually loves us and bother about us and who doesn’t.

Life is messy, I know so why chase people and make it messier? Be strong enough and pat yourself even in failures to let yourself know that you tried, and you will still try to change things and give yourself a smile in the mirror and remind yourself that you are important and you mean a lot, and that you love yourself no matter how many more flaws you have, but you love yourself.

If you feel low and want to cry out, cry and sleep… Pour out your heart completely and cry and wail…It is okay to not to be okay at times and feel low because we all are humans and not every day can be a happy day. Remember there is no happily ever after, in reality, all you have is this life which will keep throwing problems at you…All you have to do is learn to tackle properly. But there are days when you feel like you don’t have the energy to fight back and it’s okay! take a day off from every thought and every problem…

But remember after a heavy rainfall and storm come’s a rainbow and sunshine. So pick yourself up and strongly face your life and problems.Take a deep breath in and stay strong and fight back all the inner demons like a valiant.

Again remind yourself that you are loved, and you are special.

Take care!

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