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Take it easy!

Sometimes you will feel to give up on things and you will feel like nothing will work out. You will feel all your efforts are going in vain and you would feel frustrated of all the things you would be going through one after the other.

I know that feeling! That is the reason I could not blog yesterday because I was exhausted mentally as well as physically. I really felt like giving up this blogging every day, and this self-love thin, giving up everything that would take me near my goals and dreams and myself as well. I also have the guilt for not blogging yesterday and not being able to stick to my goals and be strong enough to fight that feeling of giving up.

But guess what I am back to blogging today by giving you an example of what I have written in my past 2 posts that its okay! to not to be okay and it is okay to take a day off from things.

So this post is all about to tell you that be easy on yourself and don’t be too harsh. Reaching to your goal is important but most important is you should be positive about the things you working towards, you should be enthusiastic and energetic. If you are feeling low and you have negative vibes around you it is not worth it.

Take it easy! (1)

Also, I know for a fact that I have very minimum or close to no readers, but still I have come this far and I have a long journey ahead and I am not giving up because this I am doing it for myself alone and I am feeling good about it day by day. But yeah! writing a blog which no one reads is as equal to as talking to the walls, and even a comment and a like makes my day. So when I have no readers, it does disappoint me a little but that’s okay! if not today but I am very much sure that my consistent efforts and hard work and dedication will pay me off some day and will give me ample amount of readers.

So again be easy on yourself and don’t overburden your self. Do not get disappointed if you can’t see positive results because as I said, things like self-love journey is a life-long journey and it takes time as well as to be a blogger is all about being patient and dedicated as well.

So be patient and keep loving yourself.

Have a Happy Sunday Ahead!

Take care!


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