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Write it down.

Writing is a lot more helpful not only when it comes to self-love journey but it helps in a lot of things.


Like writing down a list of things or groceries you want to buy helps us to remember everything that we need and this was we won’t forget to get any important things we need. Writing down your shopping list before you enter a mall or a shop will help us to know what things are more important to us and what we need the most so that we don’t end up buying something else which is least important at the current moment.

Writing down To-do-list will help us to know what all things are pending and how can we plan our day or week so that we could strike off that item from the To-do-list and get rid of the burden of work at once. Also, this will also help us keep a track of things that we need to do before we pile on everything one after the other and at the end remain with loads of workload and then regret. So writing down To-do-list does help.

Take it easy

Also, planning out your weekly schedule by writing it down also helps you to stay focused and motivated towards the goals that you wish to reach. Writing down your goals for the coming week, monthly goals or yearly goals also helps you to stay focused and keep a record or keep a track of the activities you following and if not how to get back to your goals. Writing down all you wish to do or shop or the places you wish to visit will help you to keep a track of all the things you wish to do.

For me sometimes writing down my blog post in my diary also helps as it is easy for me to type my blog post without thinking a lot on content while typing (in a way pre-planning). But these days due to the shortage of time I cannot write down things but directly post it on my blog. I also do maintain a diary where I write about the things I wish to post in future on my blog.

Take it easy (1)

Sometimes writing down your frustrations or about how you spend your day or about how you feeling at the moment helps especially when you are not ready to share about your feeling with someone, maintaining a diary and venting your feelings in the form of writing helps a lot.

Writing down does not only mean to physically write down with pen on paper, you can even use your mobile-phone to type down your stuff as there are many apps available and we are more comfortable with our phones.

But me, being an old school, I love to record things in my diary and since past 2 to 3 years I have been buying a new diary every year to write down my TO-do-list, or things I need to shop, or at times planning my blogs/write-ups or even planning my studies when exams are on their way(though I hardly follow them) but it does help a lot.

So yeah! writing away your thoughts might even help you de-clutter your mind and help you feel relieved and it does help you feel a lot better. So get into the habit of writing if you are not into it. I have made my goal this year to get into planning everything in advance by writing them down and even making a list of things I need to do, to buy etc. Writing has helped me a lot in many phases of my life and it still helps me a lot and since the day I have discovered that I want to be a writer I have made it sure that I keep writing my top priority. Of course, it has been difficult at times but I know how to find my way back.

So take care! keep loving yourself and Have a beautiful Monday and an amazing week ahead.





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