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Don’t loose the child whithin you!

We often do this mistake of letting the child within us suffocate for some reason or just hide it as if it does not exist. Or maybe we are made to do that because as we grow the responsibilities, the burden of growing up and then suddenly life happens to us and everything changes and we don’t even realize that we have finally grown up.

We start missing our childhood days whereas when we were little we always were eager to grow, we were impatient to be independent and be and act like a grown up. Little do we know how tough life get’s on us day by day as we grow.

Don't lose the child within you! (1)

To be honest, I am a boring person, someone who hardly lives in the moment, stressed about the next day or something I shouldn’t even bother much, over-thinker, hardly moves out of the house. And this is the very reason I started this journey of discovering self-love.

But one thing I want to share it with you is that I do have a crazy side of mine within me which few have been privileged to see it. Because I found comfort with them, I found that they are facing similar problems like mine and they understand me and so do I. I realized that there are some people in life who will never judge you ever, in fact, understand you that you are a human and have the tendency to make the wrong choices.

At the very moment when I was losing hope that I should not be around people because I can’t trust them, I happened to get surrounded by some of the most beautiful souls in my life that even if I meet them in my worse phase of times or even when I am not in a good mood, but when they are around me I suddenly feel good, I feel happy for some reason and I become like a child and have the most amazing time with them.

Don't lose the child within you! (1)

So you see, being around people you are comfortable with and love to be around, you suddenly get to open your heart and soul and you happen to discover a new side of yours like I do when I am near my dear ones. I suddenly get to meet the child within me and I love that side of mine because at that very moment I am happy, I am just being me and not being ashamed or embarrassed by my behavior, in fact, I suddenly enjoy every moment and I love that feeling.

But my advice for you is, it does not matter even if you can’t find your kind of people who love you or understand you, but never lose the child within you because you live this life for once, and do not wait for the right moment, in fact,  try to make every moment the right moment, enjoy every bit of your life, be so positive and so cheerful that you even feel good in the low phase of your life. Even the low phases in life teach us something important and so take every bit from those low phases as well, and have the courage to smile even when things are not turning the way you want.

So be crazy, be loving, be caring and be like a free bird. Be something that your inner self will thank you for. Never try to hide or suppress that child within you because trust me you will be in love with yourself for keeping the child within you alive.

Go play the game you used to play in your childhood and you miss it, have a meet-and-greet with your childhood friends or the ones you haven’t met for long, go and walk in the rain without umbrella, go and make a sand castle on the beach nearby you, go and dance in your house on your favourite tunes, do anything which makes you re-visit your childhood and make your life a little interesting…

Love yourself,

Take care.




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