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Unplug by a certain hour of the day

In this fast-paced life and hectic schedule, it is important to give yourself some time off from every thought that we come across throughout the day, and also to give our mind rest from being constantly on our phone and surfing the social sites. It kind of gives us stress. And this exercise of unplugging yourself from everything around and giving yourself some time off from all the stress and messy thoughts and screens, and getting lost in yourself will help you to know yourself and your body more as well.

That is why it is important that we must take some time off from everything, just sit calmly and breath in and out by taking positivity in and throwing all your stress and negativity slowly out. I mostly like to do this in the morning while I have warm water and watch the sunrise though since past few days it has been impossible for me to do this. So rather I sit calmly on my prayer mat after my prayers and watch the sky or just try to clear my mind from all the thoughts and try to stay calm.


So one can just close their eyes and try to keep their mind blank for some time and take a deep breath in and breath out the negativity and also think something positive (if one can’t stop thinking anything so better think positive). Also, this will try to calm your mind and will make you feel fresh. It can be any time of the day that suits you well.

When I used to do this in the morning and breath in the morning breeze it actually used to boost my energy, take away all the sleep and laziness and used to make me feel good. So I am looking forward to getting back to my morning unplugging routine session soon. Like I said, self-love journey is a lifelong journey and all you have to do is keep trying. So even if you get lost, try to find your way back.

So try this and let me know how did you feel about it?

Till then take care and keep loving yourself…

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