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Accept that somethings are just out of your Control.

We all go through some difficult times in our life and they get more onerous with time. We try to mend things up but somehow things don’t work out and it happens so that we lose control of things. And when such times fall upon you, the first thing is to accept it, and try to push the thoughts of self-pity and negative thoughts from mind. Just accept the situation and try to do things as much as you can but don’t push yourself so much.

Sometimes it is okay to let things flow the way they want. It is not possible for us to have control over everything in life. Like people come and go and we move on with life with or without them and learn that people come in your life to either teach you something or to stay by your side and we have no control over them, the same way we do not have control over some things or situations in life. Sometimes things take time to settle by themselves and it does not need much efforts from us all that it needs is patience and faith.

Just like good days don’t last forever, the same way the bad times won’t stay forever. They might stay a bit longer than the good days, but won’t stay for too long… Everything in this world do have an expiry date. Keep patience and let things flow…

It is okay for one to not have control over life at times and it is normal… Just stay patient and stay positive, things will settle. Just like after a stormy rainfall, comes a rainbow the same way the dark days won’t last for long in fact after those dark days will come some delightful days and every pain every struggle that you will go through will just last as a vague memory or as a bad dream to you. Remember one thing, bad times makes us stronger…

So worry less and smile more and let it go. Keep loving yourself and stay positive and strong.


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