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Go On A Date Alone!

Do you get angry when people cancel the plans you were looking forward to? Or do you feel angry when people just keep deciding and never end up actually putting plans into action?

Well, why don’t you try and take yourself out on a date and enjoy your own company?

I love going out alone to explore places and even to visit places I love. Yes, sometime back I used to feel sad, about the fact that I can’t have fun like others have in groups or with friends but little did I knew then that I am not a people’s person. Not that I don’t have company at all, I do…But well, it’s not easy to catch-up with everyone on a daily basis, so going out alone is the best option. I have a huge list of things to do or places to visit alone… But well, I ain’t sharing that here.

All that I want to say is just go out on your own and have fun… I love shopping alone as well. You can do whatever you want to do like going on a movie alone, or go on a coffee date alone with your favorite book as your partner or visit your favorite restaurant and enjoy your favorite meal alone and guess what you won’t even have to share it with anyone. Or just visit the places you’ve always wanting to visit but have never been able to visit.

Going out alone will make you feel good and happy about yourself, you will feel independent and will get to explore and experience a lot of things. I can travel the whole city alone, I am that confident about it so yeah! it also gives you a lot of confidence and also you learn a lot…

So go travel alone, keep yourself happy and love yourself more.

Take care.


  • Hidden Pearl

    The more you will grow up, the more you will realize that you alone and the almighty are enough for your ownself. Other all are lessons and blessings, sooner or later they will leave. So make sure to be your own hero alone.

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