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Reading Helps.

I can swear that reading does help. I don’t know why people find reading boring and waste of time. For me reading is life. I find reading really meditating, it helps in your low times a lot. Reading helps you to forget stress and your worries and it transports your soul to different destination altogether. It really helps one to forget their problems even if it is for little time but it does… And maybe while reading we might find our way to fight back the problems or maybe a sign. It has happened to me…


I find reading a lot way more entertaining than any other means of entertainment, though I also love watching movies. But movies based on books really take away the soul of the book, I find books better than movies… Reading helps you to gain knowledge and also makes you empathetic as you get to know a lot about other culture, a different perspective, and general knowledge. I have learned a lot from reading and it has changed my perspective a lot. Also, books become a better companion than people and books remain best of friends forever and here forever is not a lie.


Reading is a stress buster believe me.So if you’re not a reader make sure you find that book that makes you one and thank me later.


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