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While you are trying to de-clutter your life by removing people who bring you down and make you feel low, you must also de-clutter your surroundings. De-clutter your desk and space and wardrobe and even your bag that you use for every day. By doing this you will be organized and focused. You will easily get the things you will look for and will have only important things that you need around you.

De-cluttering your mind from negative thoughts will help you stay clam. Remove all those memories that hurt you, that bring pain to you, that mas you feel malaise. Let it go… De-clotter your schedule by making a to-do-list and not being unorganized… It will help you to stay organized, will help you to finish off your work and will lower your stress level. Simplify your life by making your goals, and vision and working towards them.

Set proper priorities for work as well as make sure you give only those people importance in your life who deserve your time and love. De-cluttering should actually be your first step towards self-love journey but never mind, we have to start somewhere and so anyway is the right way.



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