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A letter to Myself.

I am super happy to announce that this is my 100th blog post and to celebrate this I am hosting a Giveaway contest. I am giving away one of my favorite book written by one of my favorite author Cecelia Ahern. Don’t judge the book by its title its an amazing story on how to give life another chance rather than giving up!

Book Giveaway.

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A letter to Myself.

To Dear Me…

To start with, I am proud of the fact that life has not been easy for you and still, you’ve stayed strong, fought and still fighting like a lioness through all the odds. You have certain dreams and goals that you are working on and it seems that it is not being easy, it seems that things are falling apart but still you’ve never learned to give up. You are still working on your dreams and I know no matter what it takes, you will keep going on and the day is not far when you will achieve all that you wish for. I am proud of the fact that no matter what, people think how unrealistic, how foolish and how different your dreams are, no matter what people think about you, you still have never let anyone bring you down even though there were and there are still many who are trying to bring you and break you.

But the most amazing thing I love about yourself is the fact that your faith in Him above is much stronger than those people’s tactics and foolishness who try to bring you down. You are a lioness and you know for one thing that no matter what happens, you are never going to stop trying. Yes, at times you want to take a break, you want to just run away from everything, you break but only He above alone knows how much patience have you been keeping all these years and so he makes sure he gives you the strength to get back to life and fight back. That is the beauty of faith and trust in Him above.

I know you still feel lost because you still can’t figure out about your life and how to go about and make all your dreams and wishes come true, I know the stress and pressure you go through every day, I know how it feels to feel lost and hopeless but still you have been so strong to fight the thoughts of giving up, to fight back the thoughts of hopelessness and then finding your way to work things out. I know it is not easy to be different from all the others around you, to be You that you’ve been all this while and then listen to their critics and nonsense about you but still being patient enough and keep working on.

Always remember you come to this world to live your own life that is blessed to you and not according to the society and people’s perspective. Thier views and perspective should not matter to you, if someone feels you are not good enough be it, let them judge you because they are any which ways going to judge you always and will always try to bring you down, do not let them succeed in it because my love you are unique and beautiful in your own way and be the way you are. Don’t try to change because people want to see the change in you, of course, there are people around you who wish good for you there is a difference between advice and between being manipulated or trying to take control on you. So be careful of those who try to manipulate your mind for their own good.

People come and go from your life because they come for a reason and when their reason gets over they leave and let only good memories stay back with you, let go off that hurts you or brings you sorrow. Accept the reality and clear off your head from the expectations you have been keeping all this while. Don’t be hard on yourself. Talk to your loved ones when you need them. I know at times you have made wrong choices but don’t think much about it because those wrong choices have made you stronger and wiser today. Things will take time to turn the way you want it to be, so do;t stress much and just learn to live in the moment. Stress and worrying will only take away peace from you. Time will heal everything my love, so stay strong and be wise.

Try to understand people from their perspective and try not to judge people over their choices because you’ve no idea what’s their life and story is about, you’ve no idea what their struggle is about. So be patient with people and try to spread love and hope.

Remember all the pains and frustrations you’ve been through will make sense to you someday, so keep patience and don’t ever give up on your dreams and wishes. Keep working towards them because even you know deep down you are something more than you ever thought you could be. You are beautiful and imperfectly perfect in your own way, don’t try to impress anyone around you, just try to be a better version of yourself.

And always love and respect yourself more than keep being strong, because you have to go a long way now and you know you have inspired some out there, you’ve got to inspire more out there now…So keep smiling and spread the love.

Just be the way you are beautiful and go shoot for the moon and even if you miss you’ll be amongst the stars… Go and conquer the world because you can do anything that you wish for…

Yours Truly,


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  • Hidden Pearl

    Only if you remember, Once upon a time someone told you, Sometimes you have to pen negativities too, just to be strong again. Sometimes you have to realize you lost it and that’s ok you can get back up and try to win again. You impressed with thought and told you need to learn this. You go girl. You have walked a really long path. And trust me when I say, I am proud of you because of the little part I have been in your journey. You have come so far. Salute❤

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