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Surround yourself with people who bring the best in you.

You will meet people who will try to pull you down, who will try to play games with you to break you, to use you for their own benefit. But then you will also meet few people who will pick you up, try to bring good in you, won’t be able to solve all your problems but will surely stay by your side to share your pains…

There is a saying which goes like this “Show me your friends and I’ll tell you who you are.” That is why be careful and choose your friends and people with whom you would like to be around. There are people who are under the mask and try to fool around you, beware if them because such people will themselves never do good and won’t let you reach your goals as well.

Always be around those who make you happy and makes you feel safe and no matter how tensed or sad you are they will still manage to bring a smile on your face. Whenever you feel low or lost, just venting out to them you feel relaxed even though the solution is not yet found but by just talking to them you feel as if now you will face the problems with more strength.

Try to be around people who are better than you and try to learn from them, try to be around people who have been through more struggles than you so that you might learn to stay stronger like them, try to be around people who want to learn from you and make sure you give them the best advice and also talk to them about your mistakes so that they learn from your mistakes. Try to be around people who are successful so that you might get to learn some life lessons from them.

If you will be around people who only sit back and nag about life, and how awful their job is and who always have complaints you will become just like them. Try to stay away from negative people and people who say you can’t do this, make sure you do and show it to them that you can.

So stay calm, love yourself and be strong.

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