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Change because you want to change.

A lot of times we tend to change to impress people. But we don’t realize that its wrong. If you feel you want to change something about you change it only if it’s for your own good. Don’t change yourself because people want you to change or bring a change in you. Of course, people will surely advise you about certain things to change for your own good but there are people who at times try to manipulate your mind to bring a change in you just because they don’t like you or are jealous of you.

Sometimes unintentionally or intentionally someone comments on you saying you have gained weight or you have grown too thin, or your skin is looking tired or something or the other and we take it to our heart thinking we should change just because someone felt that something is wrong. But that not how it works. Be confident and if you have gained weight be happy about it if your skin if its dark or light, or anything.

No one in this world is perfect and you don’t have to be perfect. If you feel you need to bring some changes within you physically or emotionally for your own good, go ahead but don’t  try to change anything about you because people around you expect you to change. It’s not worth it. Love your self the way you are and be your own kind of beautiful. Be confident in your own body and skin and be grateful for your uniqueness. If you lack somewhere work on it but don’t be hard on yourself.

Be strong and keep loving yourself because you deserve it and you are beautiful. Just be yourself.

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