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Nuture your dreams

Have you ever been emotionally attached to something or someone and have taken extra care of it? Like it could be a soft toy of yours that you loved the most and take care of it, or it could be your plants that you make sure you water them regularly and take care of them or someone whom you love the most and take care of them the most.

We all make sure that the things and people whom we adore are well taken care of. But what about our dreams, passion, and goals?

I discovered I want to be a writer when I was in my 12th grade and I was a commerce student then. Realizing that my passion and dream is completely different from the stream I had chosen is not matching at all, which again lead to another wrong decision of three massive torturous years of my life, and then finally got a chance to pursue my dreams. But did I gave up on my dreams?

Never! My wrong decision did not stop me from writing or try to follow my dreams, I still was blogging, writing stories, my articles got published in e-magazines and three short stories got published in three different anthologies.Though I failed, but I never gave up, I am still striving hard to get where I want to be. No, it was not easy, and it is not easy, every day I struggle within myself.

But I never stop nurturing my dreams, I never stopped believing in them. I do have self-doubts I do question what if it never happens? What if I failed, but still there is a voice within me which always says keep trying and don’t give up.

We must never stop working towards our dreams and goals because they are what take us a long way and to a better place. The struggles that you face in between makes you stronger and wiser and gives you so many lessons to learn. No matter how many times failure and life knock you down, stand up and work harder towards your dreams.

So keep nurturing your dreams, and keep going on. Have faith and don’t give up.

Keep loving yourself and take care!

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