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Forgive yourself.

When I look back at my life, I feel sorry, I feel guilty, I feel sad. Because I gave too much importance to people who were not worth my time and my love. I gave too much importance to things that were not needed to be stressed about.

I feel I have never lived my life completely. I feel guilty for taking wrong decisions and trusting wrong people. I feel worse to know that people who meant a lot to me once, do not have time to even look if I am okay! today?

I feel angry to know that even when there were signs that my decision is wrong, I should have gone the other way, and I feel if… if just I would have taken the right decision, had paid attention to those signals that were around me, life could have been different today and maybe things would have been different today.

But then at times, I wonder maybe this was how it was meant to be. Maybe if all those things in the past wouldn’t have taken place, or if I wouldn’t have met some fake people in my life I wouldn’t have been this strong and this well experienced…

So maybe I should forgive myself and let it go. I know some things are hard to forget, some things are just not easy to let go off, but it the sake of peace, for the sake of your own life and for your own self, forgive and let it go, but never forget the lessons you learned.

Love yourself, forgive yourself and take care.


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