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Be your own super hero.

We always depend a lot on people around us. But we forget that everyone in this world is facing their own struggles. We are always expecting someone out there to help us and save us from our misery and become our superhero be it your parents, friends, siblings, life-partners etc. But then life teaches us a truth the hard way.

We learn with time that no one in this world is coming to save you and only you have the powers to save yourself. Life is unpredictable and hard and it requires constant and extra effort to live. Life is a journey with countless lessons to learn and it gives us a lot to experience.

We come in this world alone and go alone so why depend on someone to live? Have the courage to live your life, to go through the ups and downs, to fight through the odds alone. Be your own superhero and save yourself because you can and you have the powers and will to do anything you desire and wish for.

Workout on your strengths and keep working towards your goals, don’t give up on your dreams and love yourself. I know it is a lot easy to say that you can do it and go through your problems alone but actually it is way too difficult. At times, all we need is someone to hug you tight and say nothing, give no advise or judge you, but just be there for you.

Of course, it is okay to take help, to talk, to share…But make sure you don’t completely rely on someone for everything. Don’t expect people to be always around you to help. Be strong like a valiant and fight back with your demons and problems that you face in life.

Be strong, keep loving yourself and take care.

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