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Treat your body well

Self-love also means that you must treat your body well. I am trying to get into the healthy lifestyle. Though it is not easy, but who said life is easy?

One must stay fit not just physically but mentally as well. Till now I only talked about how to keep yourself happy mentally, how to take care of your mind and soul. But today I will talk about taking care of your body. One must indulge in some kind of exercise, like walking, running, gym, yoga anyone which suits you or you feel comfortable with. Not just that but one must also eat healthily.

Green vegetable, fruits, juices, smoothies, and there are various food out there which are healthy, filling and will help you to stay fit. I know a lot of us love junk and all the crap that we eat, I am a foodie as well and I love junk food this is the reason I am finding it difficult to get into a healthy lifestyle but I am almost there. I know how to control my cravings it’s just that when February started I was very excited to share and explore this self-love journey on my blog with you and also to focus on my goals but somehow I got lost and everything just took a u-turn so much so that I could not get back to it.

I am trying and I know things will fall into place with time. We must listen to our body and act upon the way it wants.  But also, never compare your body, or yourself with someone else. Your body is your home, be comfortable with it. Never try to stress yourself and your body to something that society or someone else wants you to be.

Go for walks, go for parlor treatment, or spas. Pamper your body the way you pamper your loved ones and most importantly don’t try to change anything about yourself or about your body or features just to prove someone else or impress someone else. You are beautiful in your own way. Take care of yourself because at the end of the day you are all that you have. Try to be your better version and never try to be like someone else.

People will judge you no matter what you do, so stop worrying about it and just stay the way you want to be. Love yourself the most and treat your body well. Take care.

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