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February ends and so does my 28 days of daily blogging!

So its the end of February 28 days of daily blogging. I might have not been able to reach my monthly goals and might not have given my 100% to this 28 days of self-love blogging journey but I did not give up and I tried my best.

It was not easy, to blog every day, to think about the content, to blog even after being tired of the long day of other work and have very minimum readers to push you and motivate you and who are waiting to read your blog. But still, I kept going on. To be honest, even without the readers to encourage to blog, I still used to look up to write a blog every day, used to feel excited that there is something meaningful to do that really makes me happy. Yes at times I felt to give up, to not blog today, or who cares if I stop blogging? But something within used to bring me back to the chair and make me sit in front of my computer to write something every day. And that was my love for writing.

Yes, I got lost somewhere in the middle of the journey and maybe that’s why my content was not that great but guess what, I completed the challenge I had taken and I have come this long to tell you that I did learn a lot from this self-love blogging journey. But as I told at the start that self-love is not something you learn in a short time or in a -day, a week or a month it is a life-long journey and you might see some blog post related to self-love again.

But is this the end? Will there be no new blog post? Is this it for 2018? Well, no! there is a lot more coming but I need motivation and inspiration for that. I have planned a lot related to blogging this time and have also make sure that I ain’t giving up. But you know the ultimate goal of any writer, be it a blog writer, story writer, poem writer, news writer is that they want to be read and they want people to appreciate their write-ups which makes them keep writing and it also makes them happy.

But anyways, I know I will take time to attract readers to my blog. So I will keep working until I get there, till then this is it. Hope you enjoyed this self-love blogging journey with me and I hope you got to learn something from my blogs.

And don’t forget to love yourself, take care of yourself because you are all that you have at the end and make yourself a priority. Take care.



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