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He said Thank You!

12th May, Saturday.

I was going college for my last lecture of the summer semester. My rickshaw stopped at the signal where I saw this little kid carrying fancy hair bands in his hand. He approached me and was asking me to buy. I nodded saying ‘No’ but then he kept on saying buy it, need food to eat, in Hindi. And all I did was looked at him and saw how much he was requesting, I felt bad, so I  removed my wallet and handed him 10 Rupees note (because that was the only change I had in my wallet). He had a huge smile on his face and he said Thank You immediately and perfectly. That Thank You made me smile and I can still hear him saying Thank You in my ears, his eyes that got a spark by just seeing the 10 Rupee note and that Thank You just stole my heart.

I know it is not good to give away money to vendors at signals, but he was not begging, he was selling those hair bands. All I did was just gave him money and did not buy anything in return. That Thank You made my day.

I see so many kids today not using Thank You, Sorry, Welcome and such words. They are so arrogant and so full of themselves and this problem I am seeing in every kid I come across. But this kid just stole my heart. I feel a heartbreak to see kids at signals or roads either begging or selling something.

That kid also made me wonder, how just a 10 Rupee note meant the world to him, he was happy and satisfied with it, whereas we who are blessed with the best of facilities have the greed for more, are never satisfied and does not find content with what we have. We are always asking for more.

What we need to do is just like that kid Thanked me, we need to Thank God in whichever God you believe in, for whatever little to huge blessings He has showered upon us.


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