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What did you missed? The small achievements of mine as a Writer.

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A lot of you must be wondering what happened to me after February. Well, those who don’t know me should know I am not a regular blogger. But I have tried hard to be a regular blogger it’s just I fail every time but I come back to try again. So yeah! I am kind of back to blogging and I hope this last longer than all the times I have tried in the past.

So was I completely away from writing?

No! I was writing and that is why I am here to tell you what did you missed.

My written articles have got featured in a lot of places so I will list them below with dates and leave the link as well. Hope you will read them all and leave your views below in the comment box.

So after February I did not write much but I did some diary entries, March went pretty soon well, I have no memory of it. But April brought a lot of surprises to me.

On 13th April, Friday, My article on ‘No Human Is Perfect and Try Not To Expect Them To Be Perfect’ got published on a social media blog i.e Desi Musings.

On 17th April, Tuesday, I got a mail from Kaalage Magazine that my article on “To-Be-A-Feminist-Or-Not-To-Be” will get featured in their Kalaage Magazine Issue 3. The link to the magazine is below. My article is on page 20 and my bio with my photograph is towards the end of the magazine with other contributing writers

On 5th May, Friday, one of my poems ‘I Am Fading Away’ got published on Desi Musings Blog again. Link to the poem is below.

And today itself, i.e, 14th May, Monday my article on a social issue going on at Aligarh Muslim University  (AMU) got featured at Around Your Globe Website.

So, you see even these are very small achievements but these mean the world to me. Today, I can be proud of myself and I am. Never give up! My dreams mean a lot to me if it does not mean to anyone else. And I am never ever giving up on my dreams. It’s still a long way to go. I don’t know where I will be tomorrow but I am happy today and will surely work harder to be a better writer tomorrow.

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